Vettel si potrà allenare a casa con il simulatore fornito da Aston Martin thumbnail

Vettel will be able to train at home with the simulator provided by Aston Martin

From now on, Sebastian Vettel will no longer need to take an expensive and time-consuming private flight to reach the Aston Martin base at Silverstone to prepare for a race with the “official” simulator made available to the team. Indeed the German driver has obtained a simulator, to say the least unique of its kind, to prepare at home before tackling the weekends of the various Grand Prix scheduled. Vettel then teamed up with Aston Martin on a cutting-edge simulator in the style of last year’s car, la AMR21.

With the ever-expanding Formula 1 calendar, the amount of time drivers spend in the simulator has actually greatly increased. This season, in fact, no less than 23 Grand Prix will be held. This congestion of the times between one GP and another, was the main reason why Aston Martin decided to provide Vettel with a simulator, so that he can continue training at home.

Vettel will have a realistic experience with the Aston Martin simulator

The new simulator was assembled late last year with physical parts from the AMR21. Among the parts used for this simulator are the seat, the headrest, the seat belts and the rear-view mirrors, which fit perfectly into Vettel. The steering wheel is also designed to look like the real Aston Martin ECU. They are also firmly attached to the structure three large displays which guarantee the German driver an experience that is as close as possible to what he should find when facing the Grand Prix, at least in terms of field of vision and posture.

Vettel and the team started this project last year to be better prepared to take on the brand new circuits planned for this season, like the one in Arabia Saudita. Before having a simulator in his home, the multiple world champion was unable to spend time in the team simulator, which limited his preparation for the various races.

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