Vivo features the V1

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During the press event in Shenzhen, China, vivo presented the new Imaging Chip V1. An autonomous project of the company, which has decided to create a component hardware dedicated to imaging and video. 300 people worked for two years on the development of this company.

vivo presents the Imaging Chip V1

The company has long since decided to invest in the imaging sector, seeking to transform the sector. We have already seen this in technologies such as the Gimbal stabilization and the Selfie Spotlight. In December 2020 the company decided to collaborate with ZEISS, working on both product R&D and mutual exploration on how to take photography and video to another level. Proof of the fact that vivo relies heavily on imaging.

And with the new chip V1, the leap in quality is evident. An operation to which they have worked 300 people, creating a quality system on four strategic assets. From the image system to the operating system, passing through industrial design and performance. A holistic approach that derives from the fact that vivo designed this chip independently.

Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President & COO di vivo comments: “V1 is an integrated circuit chip – fully customized and dedicated to imaging and video applications – with state-of-the-art optical quality, which marks a milestone in vivo’s history and represents the first step in Research and Development applied to autonomous chip design. In line with vivo’s imaging system design, the V1 Imaging Chip can best meet user needs by optimizing smartphone application scenarios, such as the appearance of the viewer and video recording ”.

But the technology is all at the service of the user. As Hu continues: “In addition to enhancing the aesthetics and imaging effects of vivo products, the Imaging Chip V1 also aims to bring unique experiences to users by conveying emotional sensations through visual expression. vivo is firmly committed to investing a long term in the four strategic directions to create industry-leading technologies and innovations, able to satisfy even the most demanding users “.

vivo will continue to invest in this sector, which is much felt by users. You can see the latest company news at this address.