Swapfiets presents the Power 1 electric bike

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Getting around with the e-bike becomes even easier: Swapfiets lancia Power 1, the ideal electric bicycle for getting around the city. With a price under 50 euros per month, you have a bike, insurance and assistance: you just have to think about pedaling (helped by electricity).

Swapfiets Power 1, the perfect electric bike for the city

Swapfiets launched the first service of long-term rental of bicycles, a revolution in urban mobility. Because it means that you don’t just buy an e-bike but also the peace of mind of having insurance and maintenance included in the price. And with the Power 1, the service becomes cheaper and more convenient than ever.

In fact with 49,90 euro you can use this bike, entry-level but of the highest quality. It has to be: if it were poorly designed or built with poor quality materials, maintenance costs would multiply for Swapfiets. Then find the best materials and all the knowledge acquired by the company and its suppliers: each repair is recorded and analyzed, to understand how to improve the product.

As he explains Marc de Vries, CEO of Swapfiets: “We are incredibly excited to launch the Power 1 because we believe it will change the rules of the game in the e-bike market. It’s the first time in the industry: a premium e-bike developed specifically for the city and available for less than 50 euros a month, including repairs and service. The Power 1 breaks down the barriers to using e-bikes, offering maximum performance at an unbeatable price.

Great quality

The electric bike is powered by the e-bike system Shimano E5000 which offers three levels of electrical assistance. The maximum speed of 25 km/h. The removable battery guarantees maximum autonomy up to 80 km, based on the level of assistance required. It also has an aluminum frame and weighs only 26 kg, while the tires are from 47mm and are extra comfort. And in case of problems, the repair service is guaranteed within 48 hours.

Swapfiets Power 1 arrives in Milan in early October. The choice of long-term rental also ensures you an electric bike that is always modern and capable. And from 2025, each bicycle will be completely circular, with the possibility of reusing or recycling each piece.

You can subscribe to the rental on the official website.

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