Volvo EX30: the intelligent choice for a green environment

Volvo EX30 is a compact, technological SUV suitable for moving around in the urban environment. But the most important aspect is that it is an eco-sustainable car

Volvo EX30: confirmation has arrived that the car manufacturer is increasingly becoming a leader in the sustainable mobility sector. This new model of SUV is compact and fully electric, and represents a decisive step towards a greener future. Presented atUrban Mobility Conference of Milan, the SUV won the award World Urban Car 2024 al New York International Auto Show. Environmentally conscious motorists are very appreciative of this efficient car model. The company has made sustainability its strong point. It has been committed to becoming a circular company for some time neutral impact on the climate by 2040. The objectives it pursues are truly ambitious, such as 75% reduction in CO2 emissions per car compared to 2018 and the use of 30% recycled content across the fleet. The SUV is emblematic of this commitment, boasting a lower carbon footprint than any other Volvo car ever produced.

Volvo EX30: the intelligent choice for a green environmentVolvo EX30: the intelligent choice for a green environment

Volvo EX30: an efficient and innovative SUV

The car is available in three battery-powered variants, with a driving range that reaches up to 470 km. It also boasts cutting-edge technology that ensures high performance and a safe and comfortable driving. Furthermore, it is made with recycled materials, an aspect that contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the production process. Having said that, it is clear that this is a compact SUV ideal for urban mobility.

Its small size and easy handling make it perfect for moving around the city with ease and without stress. Furthermore, the fast charging technology allows you to recharge the battery in a short time, ensuring maximum flexibility of use. Volvo EX30 therefore represents the intelligent choice for those who want an efficient, innovative and sustainable car. With its cutting-edge technology, its attractive design and its commitment to environmental protection, this SUV truly contributes to a greener future of our environment.

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