Watch Dogs: Legion, Mina protagonist of an animated trailer

Among the new entries of the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass we find Mina, who is the protagonist of an animated trailer that tells us her story

Among the peculiar characteristics of Watch Dogs: Legion, the third chapter of the popular Ubisoft franchise (here our review), we undoubtedly find the possibility of being able to control virtually any character present in the game. A mechanic that allows us to take advantage of the peculiar abilities of each of them, essential to be able to counteract the threat of Albion. Thanks to Season Pass of production, were introduced new recruitable members, including thewait Mina, protagonist of a animated trailer who tells us his story.

Watch Dogs: Legion, an animated trailer tells us the story of Mina

L’update 4.0 di Watch Dogs: Legion, already available for download, introduces new online and co-op missions, together with two new professionals to be recruited. In conjunction with the update, the unpublished contents of the Season Pass have been released, and among these we find thewait Mina. The young woman is protagonist of an animated trailer, who tells us her story, and how she came to fight Albion, after a past spent as an experimental guinea pig.

Being a mind control expert, Mina he has the ability to control enemies thanks to his powers, so as to push them to fight each other. In addition, he is able to make opponents take themselves out of the game. The girl is usable both in the campaign and in the online sessions, although the story of her escape from the experimental laboratory is not the subject of a specific mission.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia and PC, and if you are looking for a copy at a discounted price, we recommend you take a look at Instant Gaming. Before saying goodbye, and inviting you to continue following us on, we remind you that new characters will soon be added through the Season Pass, including Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs 1, Wrench from his sequel and Darcy from Brotherhood of Assassins.

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