Recensione Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust di Figurama Collectors

In this review we will analyze in detail the Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust by Figurama Collectors, the first bust belonging to the Elite collection!

It was a gloomy April morning. Life went by quietly and crows croaked in the trees. At a certain point the air became thin and a sense of anguish pervaded my home. The latter was also enveloped in a sudden darkness. Hurrying out the window, then, I spotted him: he was without a doubt a Ghoul ready to attack!

No. It was actually the postman … and that sudden twilight was a cloud that started pouring water as soon as I stepped out of the house. What can I say, having not yet had the opportunity to read / see the work of Kota Hirano, waiting for this bust to arrive, I filled that big void by looking Hellsing: Ultimate. And maybe I got carried away a little too much.

After careful analysis, we are ready to bring you the review bust “Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust“, Produced and distributed by Figurama Collectors, so let’s get started!

Who is Alucard?

Although you will probably know the character and his origin well by having opened this review, we would like to make a brief description of him. Alucard is an ancient vampire who works on behalf of the Hellsing family (from which the series takes its name). This is the most renowned and efficient lineage in charge of eliminating blood suckers.

Alucard, however, is not just a cheap demonic creature, but the vampire par excellence. Its name is in fact the opposite of “Dracula”Since he himself represents the Count who survived the events recounted in the original Bram Stoker novel. These are the premises of the original manga concluded in 2008, from which two animated series have been created.

The first (simply Hellsing) begins by tracing what happens in Hirano’s writings, and then takes a very different path. Hellsing Ultimate, completed in 2012, is an anime (present on Netflix) that faithfully traces everything that the original author has included in his comics.

The Packaging – Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust Review by Figurama Collectors

Already from the box in which the bust is contained, we realized that we had a product of a higher quality than the average in our hands. Although we had read that the statue was quite small, opening the cardboard pack we found ourselves in front of a package of a certain thickness… and what a package! It is in fact a real one coffin of black color 30cm high, with a maximum width of 23cm and a thickness of 13.5cm. Coffin that allows the torso to rest inside it, just like Alucard in the series.

On main facade is represented the Hellsing Ultimate series logo which reads “The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.”: the iconic phrase of the protagonist. Below it is the product name in rosso “Alucard of Hellsing Elite Bust” e il seal present right on the sarcophagus of the Impaler. Finally, in the lower part, there is the unmistakable Figurama Collectors logo blank.

After opening the fantastic package we found ourselves in front of the authenticity certificate. In addition to a description of the character, this certificate assures us that we are about to get our hands on a product hand painted, in limited edition. Raised the partition in very thick black sponge, we realized how much the guys at Figurama care about their products. The statue is broken down into 4 pieces: the bust, two interchangeable heads and the sadistic demon’s bow tie.

Each of these sections is enclosed in an even thicker packaging and covered not only by one thin paper to avoid scratches, but also from one plastic bag. Clearly, the various parts have other small sponges on them to avoid bumps and there is also a sachet of anti-humidity silica. Figurama sent a clear message: no matter how rough the couriers are, the statues they produce must arrive intact at any cost!

The Bust – Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust Review by Figurama Collectors

Removed all the protections of the case, we were ready to “assemble” the bust. Perhaps assembling is a big word since the only actions to be carried out are 2: insert the tie in the fixing hole and place one of the two heads in the appropriate housing. The red scarf fits together, while the two heads have a magnet at the bottom which allows you to place them easily and precisely on the statue, being able to interchange them with the same ease. Once placed, both the tie and the heads are firmly attached to the statue. Of course, in case you have to move, you will have to remember not to take the torso from the head.

Our work (very undemanding) was finished, so we just had to analyze the bust thoroughly. For a first look we decided to insert the head that we think is the main one, that is the one without accessories with floating hair. The statuette thus reaches amaximum height of 16cm and a total weight of 358 grams (which for a bust of this size is not cheap at all). The material of which it is composed is Polystone: a mixture consisting mostly of acrylic resin. The base of the statue is in velvet-like and it is, as well as an aesthetic choice, also a way to prevent the bottom from being scratched. Both the thinnest parts of the hair, and the fluttering bow tie are slightly flexible. Although these are really fragile points, the guys from Figurama have tried to contain the problem as best as possible, without the aesthetics being affected.

On top of his sarcophagus stands the bust of Alucard, supported by the souls he has devoured over the decades. Starting from the bottom, what forms the basis of the entire work is a semi-open stone coffin. On the lid there are engravings appearing in one of the pivotal points of the story, in addition to the seal partially covered by the blood lives of which the vampire is composed. The vortex of blood and eyes supports the Count, becoming one with it. The character is represented with his typical clothes, then black jacket and white blouse underneath, but without a red overcoat. The “fluttering” tie gives that extra touch to create a visually perfect overall result.

The two available heads are very different from each other. The first (cited above) depicts Alucard’s face with a sadistic smile, bright red eyes and hair that partially covers his face. In reality, the front tuft is not welded to the face. In fact, looking at it from below, we can scrutinize the remaining part of the face: a detail that allows us to understand the care applied in the construction of the statue. The hair is very different to the touch from the rest of the bust. This is motivated by the fact that different paints have been used not only to ensure a heterogeneous light reflection, but also a real texture change.

A difference in the paints used is even more marked in the second face, representing him supplied with the iconic glasses and scarlet hat. Here shading and details are the masters. What stands out most, in addition to the various shades of color used, is thesunset effect present on the lenses of the glasses, which with their pearlescence are truly magnificent. Although both faces make you speechless, we prefer the first mentioned by us because (in our opinion) it best reflects the protagonist in the scene from which this statue is taken. Having two faces that are so different from each other is a really huge plus because it allows the statue to radically change its appearance.

Sculpt and painting

Now let’s talk in more detail about the general realization of the statue. Lo sculpt of the latter it’s perfect and everything is in its place. From the geometric base with ruined details, to the souls that surround it, up to phrases, the croce and also the brand engraved on the coffin. The folds of the jacket are really realistic, as well as the fabric effect that is felt by touching it. We tell you the truth: we are not lovers of busts. The reason is that, for the vast majority of these products, it seems that sometimes something is missing (and no, let’s not talk about the rest of the body). Here, a little for the character who can regenerate himself, but above all for how the statue was set up, nothing is out of place.

The two faces are magnificent. Also perfectly sculpted, they surprise their details such as the teeth, the wrinkles on the face or even the holes for the nostrils. The rubro hat also has a different texture to the touch, giving the idea that it is made of silk.

Regarding the hand-made painting, the minutiae are not lacking. In addition to the numerous details, such as the shiny eyes that represent the souls immersed in opaque blood, the different paints create fabulous contrasts. As we have already mentioned, everything is designed to allow the statue to reflect the lights in various ways, highlighting the gems. In addition to the dyes used to give color and create shadows, on the base there is also a sort of semi-glossy golden enamel that gives the blood a “brilliant” effect.

The fact that the statue is hand painted makes this product certainly more valuable. Obviously, some small flaws could present it. We say it could because in these cases each bust is an end in itself. The one we have had the pleasure of reviewing has, for example, two tiny imperfections own on painting. On a small detail of the base there is a lack of paint, while on the jacket we have noticed a microscopic difference in level given for sure in the drying phase. These are small things, which in our opinion make the work more precious, but they are always imperfections.

Let’s sum it up – Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust review by Figurama Collectors

We have come to the end of this review on Figurama Collectors’ Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust. This bust, inspired by the statue “Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate Elite” is precisely the first of this collection that partly represents what are the Elite Exclusive statues of the Japanese company. The model we reviewed is available in two versions (temporarily sold-out): the classic one and in a bundle with two busts to expose both faces.

The version we reviewed is the classic one that is proposed to a retail price of $ 155.00 which, qualitatively speaking, is really worth them all. In addition to an evident and considerable saving in relation to the Figurama statues, having a bust like this also means being able to display it easily, without having a considerable bulk. Placing it next to 1: 6 scale figures (as we did, among other things) allows you not to disfigure the collection, enriching it and creating an excellent harmony.

True, those subtle imperfections didn’t allow us to give this bust a full 10. One thing is certain: l’Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust di…

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