“We are defined by our actions” | Quotes from the Cinema

“Siamo definiti dalle nostre azioni”

Quotes from Cinema this week tells you about the phrase “We are defined by our actions, not by words” from Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is a nonconformist film containing various criticisms of a system and a way of thinking that is not very inclined to change. At the center of the story is an “extravagant” family, which certainly does not lead the classic daily life that we do. In fact, none of them go to environments such as schools or companies and the growth of the children is totally managed by the father, who believes that they can develop better in a context unrelated to classic urbanism.

In the film, the viewer can see a new way in which child rearing is promoted and can reason about how bad it can be to get carried away to extremes. A shared thought can in fact become deleterious if no barriers or limits are placed. The film shows how common sense must be the basis of every logical choice made for the sake of loved ones.

In the movie Captain Fantastic a very interesting concept is also explained:

We are defined by our actions, not by words.

What everything is based on is in fact what a person does, not what he says. It happens to anyone to make promises, give their word, express thoughts or criticisms and indulge in verbal clarifications even when these are not necessary. What we pay attention to are the words that are said, whether they are positive or negative. The reality of the facts should instead be based on what is done and that is what the film advises: it says to focus attention on what is done and not on mere words.

Talking costs no one anything, but what matters are the facts that follow the famous phrases that often seem meaningless. Demonstrating with facts means sacrificing your time and putting effort and effort into what you want. This is the reason why it is necessary to evaluate the facts and not the words of each person.

"We are defined by our actions" |  Quotes from the Cinema

Doing is what matters

Actions are the basis of everything. As long as you are limited to uttering words it is like taking a first step towards a goal but not following the steps necessary to achieve the goal. Behind all the classic phrases it is important to know how to move and act, possibly with decision and without any fear. The concept that can be extrapolated from the Captain Fantastic quote is this and allows any viewer who sees the film to agree.

A principle of will is often visible already from words. What follows is what matters, since words must be followed by deeds, otherwise they run the risk of canceling themselves out. “We are defined by our actions”He explains that our qualification is dictated precisely by how we behave, towards others and ourselves.

The true attention of man must therefore be placed on what he does, this is the advice he tells us Viggo Mortensen in this unusual role in Captain Fantastic. The star is often talking about herself, offering her opinions even outside the cinematic context, just as she did recently talking about the Academy.