Website quote: preliminary information

What to know on the websites before requesting a quote? Let’s find out all the preliminary information

Once you have decided to enter your company in the digital world, the most important step is to develop a professional website.

This is because by giving up the Web landscape, you are giving up a very important percentage of the market, a percentage that has grown exponentially over time.

At this point the question we must ask ourselves is “how much does it cost” create a new website professional?

Here are some tips and steps to follow.

Create a website: the choice of the type of site

The first step to take before turning to Web agencies O Freelancers by a Website quote you need to be clear about what you want the site to do.

We can therefore divide the types of a site into 2 Macro Categories:

  • E-commerce website
  • Showcase Website

Depending on the needs we will go to the site that is right for us, then we will ask ourselves the following question:

  • Mine new website does it involve trading with money exchange?
  • I must sell Products or gods Services of various kinds?

In case the answer to the first two questions was “AND” we will need the development of a E-commerce type website.

If, on the other hand, there is no exchange of money, we will move towards the realization of a showcase type website.

Website development: site size

Once we have decided which typology to address, we must consider how “big” the site must be, that is, in the case of a showcase site, how many pages the website must be composed of or in the case of an e-commerce, how many products should be inserted.

A standard 5-6 page showcase site typically includes the pages or sections:

  • HOME

However, many companies usually offer a large amount of differentiated services, so they will need a much larger site, in order to avoid it being unclear.

Creating a new website: added features

We will then have other specific features for certain businesses that will affect the price of a website such as the ability to manage bookings directly on the site, a fundamental feature for websites of events with numbered seats, flight or rail mobility operators, or hotels, B & Bs or holiday homes.

Other additional features that may affect the Estimate of an Internet Site they will be

  • Newsletter
  • Advertising banners
  • Various buttons such as “WhatsApp” or “Call Now”
  • Integration with Social Networks


Website quote: SEO

A discriminant that we will have to take into account if we want our site to “take off” from the point of view of sales and / or views, the discourse relating to SEO (Website optimization for the improvement of organic positioning) generally a separate quote is made since before drawing up a Seo quote an analysis must be made both on the potential of the site and on the presence of any competitors to be overcome in relation to the positioning in the Google search grid (in this case it will be fundamental how “Strong” they are in the organic positioning to be overcome).

By a SEO quote in general, the Monthly Budget that you are willing to invest in this Piano Marketing, in addition to the fact that it is also necessary to take into consideration how long it takes to reach good levels of organic positioning of the site.

Once the statistics have been extrapolated and with theSEO analysis carried out, we will have an idea of ​​which monthly budget range we can dedicate to SEO and Web Marketing.

Developing a new website: conclusions

Having taken into account all the information listed above, we can now search companies O professionals for gods Website quotes with greater awareness on what to ask, but above all on how much we can roughly estimate the importance of the Budget required by the operation, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises about any missing features or rising prices compared to the Initial quote.