WebSite X5 2021.2: new version focused on ecommerce

The new 2021.2 version of WebSite X5 is particularly focused on ecommerce. Let’s find out what new features have been made

Already at the beginning of this year, the version 2021.1 of the software had brought important innovations especially at the graphic level, but not only. In addition to a new welcome page and a cleaner graphical interface, changes were also made to the various templates and the line style and previews of the project were also introduced. The whole guarantees one simplicity and greater fluidity by the user. Today, however, we are going to take a first look at the new version 2021.2 of WebSite X5 and we will find out how the developers have focused on the ecommerce side.

All the details of the 2021.2 version of WebSite X5

The key piece for an ecommerce that was still missing was the possibility of being able to structure a product page with all the data relating to the selected object. As many of you will surely know, the product sheets are always correlated with images, prices and a detailed description. However, there are also reviews, social buttons, the one you buy and also related products. In short, everything users need to buy safely and quickly.

The developers of WebSite X5 therefore focused on this aspect and were added for the Product Sheet page:

  • Image gallery – It allows you to import not only images, but also videos to better present the product
  • Details – In addition to the short description, longer texts can be inserted to highlight the characteristics of the product. Everything can be organized in various tabs to make everything more efficient
  • Related products – This section will allow you to have the opportunity to present the buyer with a related product that could be useful with the one highlighted
  • Reviews – A customer’s trust is mainly based on the experience of other buyers. This section will provide the customer with additional information on the quality of the product
  • Preview – By selecting a product and clicking on the Preview button it will be possible to see the local preview of the relative Product Sheet page
  • Responsive – Many purchases are made nowadays via smartphone, which is why the Product Sheet pages are responsive and always allow the best shopping experience
  • Structured Data – These are essential to allow Google to understand the content of the pages and enrich the SERP

These innovations are then accompanied by a update of the Control Panel and the WebSite X5 Manager App. Thanks to this update, it will be possible to more easily control and moderate comments and thus manage conversations relating to the various products. Obviously, however, these functions of the 2021.2 version are available, together with the Product Sheet page, only for owners of the Pro version by WebSite x5. For more news, please refer to the official page.

In short, many juicy news have arrived with this new version. If you want to know what we think of WebSite X5, I invite you to read our review by clicking here. In order not to miss future news from the world of software, keep following the pages of!

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