WebSite X5 Go 2021 free: here’s how to get it

If you want to get WebSite X5 Go 2021 for free, this article is for you. Let’s see how to get this software for free

Creating your own site is certainly the first step, and also the most important one, for anyone who is willing to enter the world of Web. Through Web Site X5 you can create any type of site that suits you, from a simple showcase to present your project, to an entire e-commerce. Furthermore, thanks to hosting service included, you won’t even have to waste any more time to find the offer that’s right for you. But let’s start this article and find out how to get WebSite X5 Go 2021 for free.

Here’s how to get WebSite X5 Go 2021 for free

We started getting to know this software since the beginning of the year and every day we are amazed by the initiatives that Incomedia puts in place to make life easier for its users. As if the completely simplified programming of a site weren’t already something remarkable, today the company offers us the “light” version of its flagship software completely free. But what can we do with this version?

First of all, the main difference from its predecessor concerns the number of templates available. In fact, if previously we only had 15 templates, now we can take advantage of as many as 50. A substantial leap, especially if we consider that the edition Evo is that Pro they offer 100 and 140 respectively. In short, although you do not get to the wide choice of its “big brothers”, you can still enjoy a good variety that will allow us to launch our first site.

WebSite X5 Go 2021 free: here's how to get it

Also, if you are using the Go 2021 version, you will be able to take advantage of one 40% discount for the Evo edition. In this way the price will go from 89,95 € to 53,97 €. A great discount, if you already consider the savings of € 19.95 due to the free license you can get clicking here. We remind you that a license is can be activated on 2 PCs, allowing you to manage your site either from a desktop PC or from a notebook if you are traveling.

What do you think of this offer from Incomedia? Let us know yours in the comments. For those interested in embellishing their site through the use of GIFs, we remind you that you can also take advantage of the free trial, only 14 days, by WebAnimator Go. If, on the other hand, you are interested in finding out how it works WebAnimator Plus 3, we invite you to read our review. In order not to miss future news from the software and technological universe in general, keep following the pages of!