Wetaxi supports the national strike of taxi drivers

Wetaxi sostiene lo sciopero nazionale dei tassisti thumbnail

The Italian app to call a taxi at home, Wetaxi, hold it strike of taxi drivers on November 24th, called to raise awareness of the DDL Competition. The all-Italian company sides with the operators and trade unions, officially.

Wetaxi supports the November 24 taxi strike

The CEO of Wetaxi, short massimiliano, clearly explains the position of the company. “We are waiting, like all our partners, for the enactment of the 2019 implementing decrees. Failure to implement and include the taxi service in the Competition Bill can prove dangerous not only for the protection of operators but above all for that of users. Taxi is a public service, one cannot forget. Is there a need for innovation? No doubt. But the technology must provide the services according to the rules defined by a public interest to strengthen the offer and make it possible for users to move quickly and sustainably “.

Wetaxi since 2017 is an example of how technology can help to innovate mobility, without leaving the parameter of the rules. They use it over 200 thousand users and 5,650 taxi drivers from 26 Italian cities. It proposes itself as a partner of taxi cooperatives and helps to digitize and offer smart services.

Wetaxi was the first to introduce the Maximum Guaranteed Rate, which helps users know in advance how much they will spend on a ride, not a penny more. With services of this type and a proprietary but open and versatile platform, it collaborates with many cooperatives: Samarkand of Rome, TaxiTorino of Turin and Consortaxi of Naples.

Wetaxi immediately put values ​​first along with business and the choice to support taxi drivers in this strike underlines this.