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What can you do with the smartwatch? The main functions

The smartwatch is a real hi-tech device to be worn comfortably on the wrist, designed and built with the technology used to create smartphones

Over the last few years technology has made enormous strides to the point that it has forcefully entered our lives and, if we think about it, we can’t really do without it anymore: an example? The evolution of the mobile phone that from a mere device used only for phone calls has now become an essential object for each of us.

Home automation, i.e. the installation of internet-connected devices in our homes, which allows us to remotely monitor and manage the operation of household appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher or the management of heating and lighting, has made our homes ever smarter and smarter.

But did you know that even watches have become home automation? Today, in fact, we are increasingly witnessing a real boom in smartwatch purchases. Let’s find out together what it is.

What is a Smartwatch?

Literally translated, the term smartwatch means “smart watch”, ie a watch that performs the classic function of providing information on the exact time, but which also has many other features that make it very similar to a smartphone.
Taking a slight step back, we discover that the smartwatch had already been designed around the nineties but with very limited and rather old hardware. With the progress of technology, the smartwatch has become a super technological device, a must-have accessory. Click here to learn more about the best smartwatch for your needs.

What functions can the smartwatch perform?

The smartwatch is a real hi-tech device to be worn comfortably on the wrist, designed and built with the technology used to create smartphones, but obviously being a watch, miniaturized and full of useful features, all to be discovered. Let’s see what they are.

Notification management: every smartwatch currently on the market is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, very useful for synchronizing perfectly with the mobile phone and, thanks to the wireless network, any notifications of WhatsApp messages, text messages and more can be seen directly on the smartwatch display. You can reply directly with special predefined messages, read emails and even make phone calls simply by using a watch.

– With the smartwatch it is also possible listening to music: yes you got it right, you can listen to your favorite songs or your playlist simply by connecting the Bluetooth headphones to the smartwatch (as the latter is equipped with a special built-in memory). You can also sync the smartwatch with streaming platforms like Amazon Music or Spotify. In short, you can listen to music how, when and where you want, without necessarily having your cell phone with you.

To pay: with the smartwatch you can also make real payments thanks to NFC technology (acronym for Near Field Communication) perfectly integrated with a chip located inside the watch. This technology allows you to pay contactless in all enabled circuits, as if it were a normal credit card only if you wear it on your wrist, without having to carry your wallet with you. Smart, right?

Check your health: with the modern smartwatches currently on the market, you can also activate the various health functions such as, for example, checking your heart rate, the level of oxygen saturation in your blood (a very useful function if the person suffers from asthma or other pathologies respiratory problems), count how many steps you have taken during the day, also monitor the quality of your sleep by calculating exactly how many hours you sleep and how many awakenings you have during the night, calculate how many calories you have burned and so on.

Organize your weekly workouts: as mentioned above, with the smartwatch it is also possible to evaluate the physical activity carried out, program your workouts also thanks to the heart rate control which provides very useful information to better calibrate the intensity of your workouts which will thus be super customized.

In conclusion, therefore, the smartwatch is a latest generation high-tech device which represents an increasingly trendy accessory among young people (but not only!) because, thanks to the various functions it can perform, it allows you to have a truly more smart and easy.