What online casinos can teach you about UX

Let’s discover the importance of UX, the concept of user experience, in online betting and its impact on earnings.

If you’ve ever visited or actually played at an online casino, you’ve probably noticed one thing, which is that the managers seem overly focused on attracting new customers to register and deposit funds. They also do this in a number of ways, but the most popular is to offer new players the chance to take advantage of huge promotions that see them handed out a wad of cash bonuses and often free spins help as well. This strategy is part of the concept of user experience that is identified with the acronym of UX. With reference to what has been said so far, let’s see in detail what online casinos can teach you in terms of UX (user experience).

The concept of user experience on online gaming sites

User experience design is not as developed in the online gaming industry as others, and as a result many sites are not well built and therefore extremely difficult to navigate.

To give an example, there seem to be no conventions on where to find the buttons for menus, logout and home pages as well as the functionality and loading times of the pages are often compromised and very slow.

Despite this, the user experience is not at the top of the site managers’ priority list and the focus seems to be more focused on the monetary transaction process.

However, the market is becoming more and more competitive and the lack of consideration for the user experience could make the difference between success and failure, so the gaming sites especially the foreign ones that Italians turn to and that can be found on casinononaams.net are now aware of this and therefore try to run for cover by focusing on an effective and convincing UX to attract potential new customers.

These sites may also be more proactive in assisting and retaining users for example by providing them with lists of games they have played and others like them they may want to play.

Some sites already do this, but not all of them. That said, it should also be added that site owners can also make sure that the important buttons for navigation are large and clearly marked so that users can find them easily and readily and know where they are going and, how to get to where they want quickly.

The importance of UX in online betting

Sports betting companies that operate their own sites or online casinos and therefore with a wide range of slot and similar games are often established businesses and may be slower to innovate and adapt, which could help explain the poor level of user experience design on their sites.

Well-designed ones typically perform better, and apparently 84% of users say they would go through a better experience, which is a warning to managers who are underperforming on the market today.

Having said that, it should be added that a first example of a strategy to be implemented to make the UX attractive for players is to declutter the home or landing page; in fact, with the aim of recruiting new players, this area has been flooded with promotions, bonuses and shows the games available to play on the site.

After all, this is what players want, that is simplicity and the ability to navigate from the landing page to the games they want to play with minimal effort and today this seems to be finally understood by many operators in the gaming and betting sector.

How are online gaming sites adapting to the concept of UX?

An online gaming operator looking to please new and old customers is beginning to understand that listening to their feedback has become vital to improving UX.

Interacting with them and among other things able to find out what they like and what they don’t like in terms of design, layout and navigation. The answers obtained will consequently allow him to make changes to his site so that they guarantee a better user experience.

It is also important to add at this point that the above applies more to desktop-run online casino websites, but is also becoming very popular on mobile casino apps which are steadily increasing and fast becoming the preferred way to enjoy casino games. online games.

In this case, the concept of UX is even more valid; in fact, if people are playing on the go, so to speak, they’ll likely have less time to spend navigating menus to find what they’re looking for, and this is where simplicity and a clutter-free landing page becomes paramount to say the least.

From this it is clear that the UX in general would allow a player to access the game or service he wants in a few seconds and would reduce the need to tediously navigate the menus of the site that offers it.