What the Lenovo e-shop offers and how to save on purchases

Anyone wishing to buy tablets, notebooks and other similar products has an important reference point for technology shopping in the Lenovo e-shop

Those who are forced to move frequently for work reasons, often finding themselves also taking advantage of the time spent on board a train or bus, has an indispensable tool in tablets (alternatively in notebooks). And more and more people need the latest generation smartphones to be able to fully carry out their daily activities. Anyone wishing to buy these and other similar products has them in the Lenovo e-shop an important reference point for technological shopping.

The company, born in Beijing, is one of the world leaders in this field, and is part of the list of the best known suppliers of “Supercomputer”. Its catalog includes PCs, mobile phones, ultrabooks, tablets, products (and accessories) aimed at gamers but also workstations and software. Recently, the range has been updated with the inclusion of tailor-made articles dedicated to distance learning. To have favored the success of Lenovo was certainly the choice of the Chinese company to grant numerous promotions to customers. But what are the most convenient offers, and how to take advantage of them to make purchases even more convenient?

The main promotions and limited-time offers

Scrolling down the home page of the official Lenovo website, a user will come to the presence of a list of items on a gray background. Selecting “Customer Service” will open a curtain. By subsequently clicking on “Frequently Asked Questions”, items dedicated to “Offers on laptops”, “Offers on desktop” and “Offers on tablets” will be shown. But the site proposes directly on the home page promotions on gaming laptops. Another way to save is to take advantage of the multiple limited time offers, applied to a wide range of items. And at Christmas, or at specific times of the year (such as on the occasion of the long-awaited Black Week), it is possible to seize extremely convenient promotions relating to different types of items on the fly.

Lenovo discount codes

The term discount code, coupon or promotional code refers to an offer, characterized by an alphanumeric sequence, which shares the operating modes with the classic paper coupons. This sequence, applied to the products placed in the cart, will reduce the overall price of the orders. There are two types of discounts available: fixed or percentage. Obviously, in the second case, the higher the amount of an order, the higher the amount saved. But the Lenovo discount codes, in place of the actual discounts, can provide other benefits, free shipping costs and free items in the first place.

Identified a platform that offers Lenovo coupons, the redemption procedure will begin by copying the relevant alphanumeric sequence and following the link that will automatically lead the user to the Lenovo e-shop. From there you can proceed to insert the items in the virtual cart. Once the purchases have been completed, the next phase will see the user reach the summary page (this by clicking on the “Cart” link at the top right, containing information relating to the total to be paid). From there click on “Enter your coupon code” and on “Enter the code”. Once the alphanumeric sequence has been entered, it will be necessary to click on the “Apply” button to activate the promotion. The result? The overall amount will be reduced as hoped.

Back to school: promotions for students

Lenovo always proves to be attentive to the needs of the new generations. Already mentioned of the inclusion in the catalog of articles dedicated to distance learning, the Chinese company usually offers to those who attend school and university, near the start of the new school year, promotions reserved for students. Those who wish can take advantage of the opportunity to take home notebooks, “2 in 1” tablets, desktop PCs and smartphones at an advantageous price.

Free shipping and newsletter service

In order to make purchases from the official website even more convenient, Lenovo has seen fit to guarantee free shipping for all orders over € 300. And considering how the e-shop catalog is focused on high-tech items, the amount to be reached to take advantage of free delivery is not high at all. In any case, whatever the amount of the order, users who may not be satisfied with what they purchased have the opportunity to make the return within 14 days of receiving the order, requesting a refund. Regarding the newsletter, by signing up for the service for free you will be entitled to receive a Lenovo coupon in the amount of 10 euros, to be used on the next order. And the newsletter will allow you to receive updated information on the latest promotions, the news included in the catalog and the discount codes active in a given period.

Warranty Extensions

Why can it be advantageous to extend the warranty on items purchased from the Lenovo official website? With a few euros more, this and other additional services (such as priority technical services) will allow you to enjoy product support for a maximum period of 5 years, avoiding spending large sums for any repairs. A small investment today to face with greater serenity (and without being forced to much higher monetary outlays in the future) possible interventions.