Crash Bandicoot: Voice actors hint at a new project

Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex voice actors tease the franchise fan’s imagination, alluding to a fun new project

After having waited for years, to then return to the limelight with the remake of the first three episodes and confirm itself with the long-awaited fourth official chapter, Crash Bandicoot he seems to be more determined than ever not to abandon the scenes again. And to say that the latest news circulating around the name of Activision had not bode well for the future of peramele, given that according to some reports all the teams in force at the publisher would be working on the new Call of Duty. Some rumors also fueled the fears, denied by Activision itself, according to which numerous layoffs would have affected Toys for Bob, the study behind the fourth installment of the series. THE Crash and Neo Cortex voice actors, however, they have rekindled hope for a new project.

Crash Bandicoot: a new project anticipated by the voice actors

The first clues regarding a new project linked to the franchise of Crash Bandicoot, they come to us directly from the page Instagram on Scott Whyte, the Crash’s videogame voice. Whyte shared an image of him with Lex Lang, the you of Neo Cortex, the eternal rival of Crash. In the photo you can see the two voice actors engaged in a video call, working on what the same Whyte describes it as a fun new project. The actor also makes fun of the fans, claiming that this is not another game on Crash, before adding or maybe it is?

Crash Bandicoot: Voice actors hint at a new project

To fuel the hopes of the fans, they also thought of some Activision’s previous statements, according to which the boys of Toys for Bob would go on to support Crash Banducoot 4: It’s About Time, but given that the game is already available and has also been updated for next gen, it’s really hard to imagine what the support might be. The clues would all lead to the release of new content, but as always only time can provide us with a definitive answer regarding the nature of the mysterious work that involves Scott Whyte e Lex Lang.

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