What was it like working with Steven Spielberg?

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In today’s article we offer you what it was like to work with Steven Spielberg for the two very good actresses Laura Dern and Michelle Williams

But what is it really like to work with a cinema legend like Steven Spielberg? What are the secrets to make the director admire his own performance? How is the behind the scenes? Are there ever disagreements?

I think all of us have asked ourselves this question at least once in our lives. How is it for actors to work with a great Steven Spielberg, who obviously knows something about cinema. This time he thought about answering our curiosities Vanity Fairin a double interview that sees as protagonists Michelle Williams e Laura Dern.

The two compared memories and experiences in a dialogue that is all goosebumps!

Steven Spielberg

Who hasn’t heard of him? Obviously none! The director of cinematic milestones and authentic cult favorites for children and adolescents from all over the world has once again conquered cinemas with The Fabelmans.

The film is an autobiographical account of his childhood and the genesis of his boundless love for cinema. Spielberg’s parents are played by two of the best-known actors in Hollywood: Michelle Williams and Paul Dano.

And it is Williams who has never made a secret of particularly appreciating her role, giving life to an emotional and surprising character, who has done everything to support her son in his choices, including the most difficult of all: to be a great american cinema.

Thanks to Vanity Fair, the actress was able to compare her work experience in a Spielberg film with that of Laura Dern, another famous interpreter. In fact, we recall that Dern lent her face to Ellie Sattlerin some chapters of the franchise Jurassic Park.

What was it like working with Steven Spielberg?

Michelle Williams and Laura Dern compared in Steven Spielberg’s film

During a meeting organized by the well-known magazine Variety, Michelle Williams and Laura Dern therefore exchanged opinions and confidences, comparing their experiences on the sets of Steven Spielberg. Dern, in particular, asked her colleague what it meant to her to play tables, the director’s mother:

I have so many questions about The Fabelmans and I want to hear from you what it was like, not only working with Steven Spielberg, who we both love so much, but playing his mother, Mizi. I had the privilege of knowing her and she was such an incredible person.

Williams then moved on to tell how she got the role of Mizi. You also specified that you did not want to omit any passage from the life of Spielberg’s mother, showing the shadows and the difficult moments that she had to endure:

When we first spoke on Zoom, I didn’t know why he wanted me. She told me his life story, who his mother was, what she meant to him. And then I realized what he was asking me. I said, “If I understand correctly, do you want me to play your mother?” And he: “Oh, yes. That’s exactly what I’m asking for.” I accepted. I’ve worked all my life to feel able to say yes and be ready and able (…) It’s such a delicate situation because by telling the story truthfully you don’t want to expose this person to judgment from others. When I read the script, I never judged it.

Laura Dern, at that point, after listening to her colleague’s answer, dragged herself to remember what it meant for her to work with Spielberg in such an exceptional and avant-garde film as Jurassic Park:

Working with Steven on Jurassic Park was amazing; at the time he was experimenting with ILM, which was a new technology, and there was so much to supervise and discover. Yet there was never a moment when he wasn’t amazed by something – from a working prop to some wonderful opportunity presented by an actor – and he was always improvising. It’s crazy that Jurassic Park is probably one of my greatest improv memories. While you work he has already edited the film in his head and yet he gives you all the space you need.

At this point we remind everyone that Steven Spielberg’s brand new film, The Fabelmans, will be available in Italian theaters starting December 22nd.

We, as always, keep you updated on all the information and until then…stay tuned!

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