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What will the cities of the future look like according to Lynk & Co

According to a recent research conducted internationally by Ipsos and Lynk & Co, European citizens dream of greener cities, free from cumbersome parking and concrete. Only in Stockholm, for example, are they present 550,000 square meters of permanent parking. An area which, to get an idea of ​​the extent of the phenomenon, is equivalent to more than 77 football pitches.

From this point of view, Lynk & Co’s goal is to revolutionize the automotive industry. To do this, the brand offers to change the idea we have of the car, which from property could be converted into a shared means of transport. The flexible monthly subscription model would allow the machine to be used only when really needed, sharing it with others. This would favor the reorganization of cities no longer based on vehicles, whose number would be smaller, but on human beings, preferring green areas and parks.

The research of Ipsos and Lynk & Co

The study took into analysis over 8,000 respondentsall from eight different European capitals: London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Brussels. 70% of those interviewed in Rome stated that traffic is the city’s major problem. In Stockholm, on the other hand, 44% of those interviewed admit that they can notice the beauty of their city while moving. Moving around in Spain, for 26% of the inhabitants of Madrid, the highlight of the day is represented by the daily commute. Londoners, on the other hand, are more likely to have a pleasant and peaceful experience with their fellow commuters (19%).

In Rome, 95% of citizens own a car, despite the traffic that characterizes the capital. Despite this, 49% of Romans would be happy to use car sharing services.

“Our cities have great untapped potential, also caused by the time spent in car parks which today is equal to 96% of the time. However, the results of the poll excited and motivated me, as European citizens seem to agree with our vision of more accessible, open and green spaces. The time has come to reclaim our human space” says Alain Visser, CEO Lynk & Co.

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