WhatsApp: anteprima più grande per i link inviati tramite l'app thumbnail

WhatsApp: Larger preview for links sent through the app

WhatsApp prepares to receive a series of news related to links received via message from other users. In the near future, however, conversations via WhatsApp could see a notable change. The links sent through the app, in fact, will be accompanied by a larger preview, in order to offer more information to the user who receives the link. In this way, users, before clicking on a link received via WhatsApp, will be able to obtain some more details on the link destination web page.

News coming soon for links sent via WhatsApp

The current system used by WhatsApp as a “preview” of the links sent through the application chat offers little information to the user who receives the message. In the future, however, things will change. The links, in fact, will automatically be accompanied by a larger preview and able to offer more details to the user. To anticipate this news, not yet official, was wabetainfo.com.

A solution similar to Telegram

With this novelty, sending a link via WhatsApp will generate a similar preview to what users of Telegram. The link, in fact, will be transformed into a much more articulated message able to offer additional details to the user regarding the nature of the linked web page. For users, this will reduce the risk of inadvertently clicking on “malicious” links.

More news on this new feature should arrive over the next few weeks. The new preview will debut first in the Beta version of WhatsApp and, subsequently, in the stable version of the app.

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