WiFi Italia: the project will continue in 2022 as well

WiFi Italia: il progetto andrà avanti anche nel 2022 thumbnail

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The WiFi Italia project will continue also in 2022. In fact, Italy will continue to carry out the initiative to create a public Wi-Fi network accessible to all. Confirmation came today from Infratel, the company of the Ministry of Economic Development that directly takes care of the interventions for the development of broadband and overcoming the digital divide in Italy.

Also for 2022 we will continue to invest in the WiFi Italy project

In the usual Yearbook, Infratel took stock of the projects launched during 2021 and those that will be carried out during the new year that has just begun. The report confirms the will of continue to invest in WiFi Italia with the aim of extending to an ever increasing number of users the possibility of accessing the Internet through a network of hotspots scattered throughout the national territory.

The details of the project

TIM is developing the hotspot network. Initially, WiFi Italia aimed to create free Wi-Fi areas in small Italian municipalities and in areas affected by earthquakes. Since 2020, however, the project has registered a marked acceleration, extending throughout Italy. Currently, over 1200 municipalities have already joined the project equipped its squares with a free and freely accessible connection. Over the course of 2022, the goal is to further extend the hotspot network. More details will undoubtedly arrive over the next few weeks.