Wild Men – escape from civilization

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T he new clip of the new Wild Men movie – escape from civilization, in cinemas from 20 October. By Thomas Daneskov

Arthouse, is the new Wonder Pictures editorial project dedicated to arthouse cinema in collaboration with Valmyn, and is pleased to announce and broadcast the first unpublished Italian clip of Wild Men – escape from civilization, in all Italian cinemas starting from October 20.

Plot and story of the film: Wild Men – escape from civilization

The film that has garnered awards from festivals around the world, stars a man named Martin, who in a desperate attempt to overcome the midlife crisis, decides to flee his family to live in the mountains and in the Norwegian woods, just like an authentic Viking man. He hunts and lives as his ancestors did thousands of years ago, becoming for him his only source of subsistence.

His plans for reconnecting with nature, however, are upset by the chance encounter with a fugitive named Musa. A meeting that becomes for both an opportunity to embark on an absurd journey through the fjords of Norway, with the local police at his heels, thus becoming two ruthless drug traffickers and his own family.

Wild Men - escape from civilization

Cast of the film: Wild Men – escape from civilization

Rasmus Bjerg, Zaki Youssef, Bjørn Sundquist, Sofie Gråbøl and Marco Ilsø. In addition, the film was directed and produced by Thomas Daneskov.

Wild Men – escape from civilization, is a story full of colorful characters who face their inner demons, their daily challenges of self-discovery as well as the stereotypes about masculinity that our society foresees and proposes.

Below we attach the trailer below:

Movie Trailer: Wild Men – Escape from Civilization

What do you think of it? Will Martin have done well to burrow and live as if he were still in the Paleolithic to escape his problems, and then find himself in an adventure not his own, or should he have remained in today’s world to laze in his own crucible? Let us know in the comments, your opinion is important to us.

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