Will robots replace bartenders?

I robot sostituiranno i baristi? thumbnail

LAS VEGAS – A robot picks up a can, places it gently on a tray and the tray approaches us, allowing us to take our drink. It happens to the CES 2022, at the stand of Hyundai Heavy Industries.
We are still a long way from Rosey, the waitress who helped the Jetsons family in the 1960s cartoon, yet it is impossible not to be fascinated by the hypnotic dance of these self-employed.

Hyundai’s Robot Café

Among the numerous innovations presented at CES by Hyundai there is also the Robot Cafe, an automated system that allows robots to take orders, prepare a coffee, take drinks and then deliver them directly to the customer. All this for now is under the supervision of a human who uses an app to control the motorized arm but in the future we expect the total autonomy of these machines, born from the know-how of Hyundai which for three decades has also been dedicated to robotics.

The Robot Café, however, is not the only autonomous company of the Korean company. There are also theHotel Robot and especially the Disinfection Robot. The latter uses an air purification system instead of ultraviolet sterilization and spray disinfectants to ensure greater efficiency and safety. We will see it on the market starting next year, obviously hoping that the health situation has improved anyway.