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Willow: canceled the series of Disney Plus?

Within months of its release, the Disney Plus series, Willow, appears to have been cancelled. So will fantasy stop at the first season?

A new series is added to the long list of cancellations we are now subjected to every day. It’s about Willow, which after only a first season, will not continue with new episodes. The series, created by Jonathan Kasdanchronicles the exploits of a legendary sorcerer, intent on leading and protecting a group of unlikely heroes, in an epic rescue mission.

No renewal | Willow: Disney Plus series cancelled

Willow had debuted on Disney Plus only two months ago, garnering some success with the public, but not enough to continue with new episodes. Jonathan Kasdan he had in fact revealed how he tried in every way to convince Kathleen Kennedypresident of the Lucasfilm to continue the series, after the first 8 episodes of the first season. It can be said that the creation of this series was almost an experiment, given that the previous film had not already achieved the desired success, failing to impress itself on the memory and hearts of the spectators.

Willow: canceled the series of Disney Plus?

The words of the creator | Willow: Disney Plus series cancelled

Just a few days ago, Jonathan Kasdanthrough an interview with Deadline, however, he had indulged in some rather curious statements. Indeed, according to Kasdan, to speak of cancellation would not be exact. Here are his words:

The truth is much less sensational. A decision was made last week to release our main cast, giving them the opportunity to accept other job offers over the next year. With all the films and television series in production around the world, it seems unfair to take away this possibility without a clear idea of ​​when they will be needed again.

What would he have meant? that theThe series is only on standby but could return with a second season in the future? Listening to the writer’s statements, it would seem so. But that’s not all, because Kasdan would also have focused on what viewers should expect from a possible new season; a second chapter that “will talk about courage, desire, acceptance, comedy and beauty that can be found even in the darkest moments”.

A long list of cancellations

In short, a real mystery that hovers around this series. In the event that its cancellation is confirmed, Willow would be yet another abrupt interruption of a serial product. In fact, Disney is joined by other production companies who often decide, for various reasons, to cancel some series before their natural conclusion, often leaving fans stunned, now passionate and eager to discover the continuation of their favorite series. We just have to wait to understand what Willow has in store for us; in the meantime, keep following you know to stay up to date on what his fate will be and not miss a single news about your favorite movies and series.

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