Windows 11 Settings Update: New Account Page

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Released a Windows 11 settings update related to the personal account settings page, let’s see what it is

In this article, we will get to know the latest “Windows 11 settings update“. The update concerns the implementation of a new page relating to the settings of the Windows 11 account. The software giant (for more information click here) has introduced a series of changes to view the subscriptions Microsoft 365 existing directly in the settings, thus managing any services associated with a specific Microsoft account.

Windows 11 Settings Update: New Account Page

Windows 11 Settings Update Statements

The statements of the Microsoft related to this new software update.

In October, we introduced subscription management in Settings> Accounts, which allowed you to view your Microsoft 365 subscriptions on Windows 11. With this build, we make it easy for you to view all supported Office perpetual products such as Office 2021 or Office 2019 associated with your account in Settings> Accounts,

Microsoft explains. Also, he adds

This update will allow you to view all products Microsoft 365 Office supported licenses licensed to your account and you can view details about your product or install Office by clicking the “Show details“. This information is shown on the Microsoft account management page and you will now be able to view this data in Windows 11 via Settings> Accounts.

Release date

It must be said that the launch of this feature is still in its infancy. Microsoft says it’s just trying to gather more feedback before enabling it for everyone. In all likelihood, this new feature will be made available to all users with the update of the 2023 per Windows 11. Although I wouldn’t be very surprised to see it enabled sooner, with the help of a cumulative update released earlier. Microsoft, however, reminds users that new features are being tested in the channel Dev they don’t have a specific release date.

In fact, Microsoft explained that:

The Dev channel receives ideas to implement that represent a long and tiring job for our engineers. We deal with features and experiences that may never be released as we try out different concepts and get new feedback. It is important to remember that these new implementations released on Dev Channel they should not be seen as bundled with any specific version of Windows. Included features may change over time, be removed or replaced. they may even never be released.

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