Windows 11: Temporarily disable Windows Update estimates

Microsoft decides to stop displaying update estimates on Windows 11 Update for some devices for now

The information on the estimates of the updates is seen to be certainly useful. Especially given theMicrosoft obsession for everything related to productivity on Windows 11. The latest preview build of Windows 11 presents an important change in this sense. In fact, the Redmond multinational has decided to temporarily disable the estimates for computers with Mechanical Hard Disk standard.

This means that for the moment only the computers equipped with SSD they will continue to display update estimates. However, Microsoft has said that the whole thing is only passing. In fact, it will last as long as they are not able to handle a number of bugs affecting this feature.

Windows 11: Temporarily disable Windows Update estimates

The statements of the company

We tested the ability to see estimates for how long a reboot would take for updates in places like the power menu in Start, in the restart notifications, on the Windows Update Settings page, and inside the Windows Update icon that appears at the bottom right of the taskbar. We are making a small change to this feature, as a result it will only appear on PCs with SSDs for now. If your PC has a HDD standard, you will no longer see the estimates. We hope to bring the estimates back to PCs with HDDs once more bugs have been fixed.

These are the declarations of Microsoft about. What the company suggests is that the development of the new operating system is proceeding fast. In reality, there would be about two months left for the complete release. October so it could be the suspected month at the release of Windows 11.

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