Windows 11: the official wallpaper revealed?

The announcement of Windows 11 could now be close and in the meantime what will be the official wallpaper of the new version arrives

For days now there has been talk of a potential new operating system from Microsoft. The event dedicated to the end of the month by the company based in Redmond in fact should not concern an update of Windows 10, but rather a new version of one of the most popular operating systems. Meanwhile, on the Internet, confirming all this, comes what could be precisely the Windows 11 official wallpaper. Let’s see it together.

Here’s where to download the probable official Windows 11 wallpaper

Microsoft released in the official announcement of the event a teaser image which many have regarded as actual proof that a new version is just around the corner. Obviously there is still no certainty as the company has not confirmed anything. However, this new image and the event expected on June 24th make all the fans of the company hope and, probably, all the details of the case will be revealed on that date.

Windows 11: the official wallpaper revealed?

Discovered by someone on reddit, the Windows 11 wallpaper has a 4K resolution, so it should look great on most desktops. This teaser image is available for download as a background in high resolution. So if you want to make your desktop look more like what the new operating system might be, this will be the first step in that direction.

obviously there is no certainty about it, however, we all expect the June 24 announcement to be quite important. Many also believe that the fall update of Windows 10, which itself should have been a fairly massive update, will eventually become the new Windows 11.

With the code name Sun Valleyin fact, this feature update it should include a major update of the entire operating system. It would start from the user interface and then get to all the news tested with the Windows Insider program. In short, the promises are all there, now only the official status of Redmond is missing. What do you think of the probable new official wallpaper of Windows 11? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news from the software world, keep following the pages of!