Witchfire has reappeared: news and release date coming soon

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Disappeared for more than a year, Witchfire has returned to briefly talk about itself in the form of a tweet from the development team, which has let all those waiting for the game know that some news on the production are on the way, as well as publishing a very small teaser trailer of the video game. The last time we had updates on the title was in 2020.

Witchfire has reappeared: news on the way

Looks like some really cool news about Witchfire upcoming, given that The Astronauts, the team that is currently developing the game, has announced that next week will be revealed the release date of the title and some details regarding the gameplay we’re going to play pad in hand. Not only that: the developers have also promised interesting updates, of which, however, they have not specified the nature.

This is in effect a big comeback for Witchfire, which it totally was disappeared on radars from 2020, probably due to the pandemic of Covid which, as we know, has put many software houses in difficulty. The teaser trailer itself shows no illuminating information, as it only lasts a few seconds and shows a very short session of first-person gameplay.

We take this opportunity to remind you that Witchfire was initially announced in 2017 and should have been released in 2018. The release date was then postponed to 2020, but the pandemic must have totally disrupted the team’s plans, as all communications regarding the project have been cut to the bone since then.

Either way, Witchfire is supposed to be one adrenal shooter, which builds on historical products such as Bulletstorm to create its own reference imagery. It is very likely that next week we will finally be able to enjoy an extended gameplay video of the title, in order to get a better idea of ​​what the guys of The Astronauts have in store for us.

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