Wonder Woman arriva su Fortnite

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Good news for Fortnite fans: Wonder Woman he will be the next member of the Justice League to “land” in the game. After Superman and Beast Boy, the heroine also leaves Paradise Island to fly to Fortnite Island and fight alongside – or against – her friends. From August 20, at 02:00, players will have the opportunity to have Wonder Woman in her Armored version. At this point, let’s find out something more.

Fortnite: Wonder Woman arrives in the battle royale on August 20

On August 20, Wonder Woman will arrive on Fortnite in an absolutely unique version. In addition to her iconic costume, the heroine will have a real battle armor with her. And it will bring with it theBattle ax of Athena, the Hang glider Golden eagle wings, the cloak of Diana and the DC Trinity loading screen (with Batman and Superman posing next to her). And that’s not all. To welcome the heroine into the game, on August 18th you will have the opportunity to participate in the Wonder Woman Cup.

The competition will allow you to earn the outfit of the famous warrior before it even arrives in the game shop. Participating is simple: all you have to do is find a friend to play with e complete up to 10 games accumulating the higher number of points possible. At the end of the contest, the best couples will earn the Wonder Woman set. And all those who have obtained 8 or more points, on the other hand, will receive the Honorary Amazons loading screen. In short, if you are passionate about the heroes of the Justice League, starting from tomorrow you know how to spend your holidays: playing Fortnite.

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