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World Car of the Year 2022, the 15 candidates for the best car in the world

It will take some time to crown the winner, as the proclamation will take place only on April 13th. Today, however, we already know the 15 candidates for the award World Car of The Year 2022, which crowns the best car released on the world market in the past year. But there is not only the award for the best car: there are several candidates for other specific awards, including luxury, sports and electric cars. Are you curious to find out everything? So let’s see all the candidates and categories.

What is the World Car of The Year award, and what are the different categories?

For those unfamiliar with it, the prize World Car of The Year is one of the most prestigious car competitions in the world. As the name suggests, in fact, this assigns the title of Best World Car of the Year, is organized by World Car Awards (WCA) and it is one of the most international awards Young people: the date of birth in fact marks the 2003. Given its worldwide caliber and its young age, the WCOTY does not intend to steal the space and prestige of regional and international awards as the European Car of the Year Award or his fellow men around the world.

The goal is in fact that of dare a fair recognition of automotive excellence without distinction of country, region or specific tastes. This is why in the World Car of the Year ranking there are also cars that we have not yet seen in Europe. And of course, at the same time there are European cars that are totally new in Asia or America.

To form the jury are about 100 journalists from all over the world, but the great peculiarity of the World Car Awards is that, unlike many international awards, there is no single ranking. In fact, alongside the WCOTY award there are also those for the best luxury car (World Luxury Car of the Year), for the best city car (World Urban Car of the Year), the best sports car (World Sports Car of the Year), the best design (World Car Design of the Year). This year, then, there was a novelty, the entry of a new category, the World Electric Car of the Year, to award the best electric of the year.

Today the candidates for the various awards have been made official, but they could change before the proclamation. In fact, there is time until December 1, 2021 for the jury to enter other deserving cars, especially in the minor categories. The 15 cars present in the WCOTY instead should remain unchanged. And when will the prize be awarded? The proclamation ceremony of all the winners will take place on April 13th, during the New York Motor Show. So let’s see which are the candidates in all categories, obviously starting from the main World Car of The Year.

World Car of the Year 2022, le 15 candidate: da BMW i4 a Toyota GR86

As mentioned, therefore, there are 15 current candidates for the World Car of the Year award for 2022. We will not go into too much detail on all these cars, as we have already made some dedicated articles that you can find in this article easily. How to consult them? It will be enough for you click on the name of the car to get to know it in detail, both here and in the other classes.

  • BMW i4: after the original i3 and iX3 SUV, the i4 is the first “traditional” electric car from the House of Monaco. Based on the CLAR platform, the same as the BMW thermal, is the battery-powered sister of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. With this it shares much of the aesthetics (including the huge double front kidney) and the interior, but not the mechanics. In fact, the new i4 can count on a double engine with almost 530 HP and up to 590 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle.

  • Citroen C5 X: the C5 X marks the return of the Double Chevron House at production of cars devoted to comfort and total convenience. Strong of a very personal aesthetic and of a setting that aims to offer relaxation and tranquility while driving, C5 X also thanks to the use of shock absorbers with pneumatic limit switches yes inspired by the great Citroëns of the past such as DS, CX or ZX.

  • Genesis G70: little known in our latitudes, Genesis is Hyundai’s “premium” brand, and is reaping success upon success in America and Asia. Specializing in premium sedans and luxury SUVs, it enters the World Car of The Year ranking with the G70, a rival compact sedan of BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. Based on the chassis of the Kia Stinger a rear-wheel Drive, offers a lot of technology, excellent build quality and a beautiful sporty and fun driving, thanks also to the powerful engines up to 370CV. The version is about to arrive in Europe Shooting Brake: will it be able to repeat the success achieved in North America?

  • Honda Civic: the eleventh generation of Honda Civic. The Japanese compact has rounded its corners, in every sense: aesthetics are now more elegant and fluid, and even inside the quality and elegance are much improved compared to the already excellent tenth series. Great care was then given to the driving pleasure, despite in Europe it will be available only with hybrid engine and: HEV. Great expectations then for the Type R: Will it really be the first sports Civic with all-wheel drive?


  • Hyundai Ioniq 5: the first Hyundai of today is also the one that many give as a favorite for the World Car of the Year 2022 award. First car born exclusively as an electric car from the Korean company, Ioniq 5 immediately ran for anti-Tesla Model 3. Equipped with aoriginal and highly appreciated aesthetics, a lot of internal space and aautonomy up to 480 km in WLTP cycle, Ioniq 5 is personal, fun and original, and also offers a lot of driving emotions thanks to the predominantly rear-wheel drive platform. Will she be the one to triumph?

  • Hyundai Staria: this is the first of the cars that are not available in our latitudes, but which are not for this reason to be snubbed. For those who do not know it, Staria is a large minivan (it is about 5.25 meters long), but it has nothing of the classic Minivan. The lines are taut and futuristic, the interiors can accommodate from 7 to 11 people and are well-finished, luxurious and hyper-technological. The engines then range from 177 to 252 hp and in the more luxurious versions they are available real poltrone da First Class.

  • Hyundai Tucson: the Korean SUV is the third Hyundai of today (fourth counting the Genesis G70), and it is the one we know best, since our Fjona also tried it on our YouTube channel (here you can find the dedicated video). The new Tucson has broken away from its pragmatic and reassuring past: both inside and out, the Korean SUV is original, unique, almost tormented with its almost robotic geometric lines. If from the outside it looks threatening and aggressive, driving is comfortable and quiet, with powers reaching 265 hp for the Plug-In Hybrid.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee / Grand Cherokee L: there is also room for the legendary American SUV, which this year will also arrive in Europe in a whole new guise. Based on the Giorgio platform developed by Alfa Romeo, the same as Giulia and Stelvio, Grand Cherokee (and the larger version Grand Cherokee L) promises a much improved road behavior, but without forgetting the off-road capabilities. More refined interiors and powerful engines then complete the picture that we will only get to know better at the end of the year.

  • Kia EV6: another Korean competing for the 2022 World Car of the Year award. In this case it is the KIA EV6, the first fully electric car of the Korean brand. Hyundai Ioniq 5 sister, with which it shares the modular platform E-GMP, differs from the retro-80s style of the Ioniq with a ‘sporty and original aesthetics, with a very particular truncated tail. Inside reigns space and elegance, while the engines go up to well 575 CV. Will she be the winner against the more popular Hyundai sister?

KIA SporKIA Sportage 2021 frontaletage 2021 frontale

  • Kia Sportage: the latest car from the Hyundai-Kia Group is also one of the most anticipated by European motorists: Kia Sportage. Thanks to the following of loyal and satisfied customers that has been created in over 20 years of career, Sportage is one of the most popular compact SUVs on the market, and the new generation wants to continue the successes of the latest series. Hybrid engines up to 265 hp, emuscular and original aesthetics inspired by EV6 and a clean but complete interior. These are Sportage’s weapons for the assault on the Car of the Year 2022 title.

  • Lexus NX: we move slightly away from South Korea to land in Japan, Country from which all the other claimants to the title come. Let’s start with the Lexus NX, the premium midsize SUV from the Japanese company. After several years of career where with its hybrid powertrain it has convinced thousands of customers, NX comes to second generation. the lines are more modern and sharper, with a very personal rear, while inside finally comes a new 14-inch infotainment touch and a more modern and refined interior. With new ful hybrid enginesl (the 350h with 242 hp) e Plug-In (the 450h +, Lexus’ first PHEV, with 306 hp) and improved quality, NX aims to repeat the enormous success of the first series.

  • Mitsubishi Outlander: a mythical name is back among the world’s SUVs, Mitsubishi Outlander. The large Japanese SUV was the iThe first to debut plug-in hybrid technology in this segment, and after many years of career it has been completely redesigned for 2022. Under the body are many components shared with the new Nissan X-Trail (Rogue in North America), while the aesthetic is original and very oriental, in clear Mitsubishi style. The Plug-In version, on the other hand, is still unreleased and we should see it soon in Europe too.

  • Subaru BRZ/Toyota GR86: and here are the first and only ones SPORTS contending for the World Car of the Year 2022 award, the twins Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ. After the successful first generation of 2012, the award-winning Toyota-Subaru company has decided to try again. A new 2.4 engine with 230 hp and more torque, a’more mature and refined aesthetics and the same, unchanged andhard and pure driving experience played on the rear-wheel drive and manual transmission. The BRZ will not arrive in Europe, while we look forward to the launch of the Toyota GR86 in the Old Continent: will it be the winner? Be careful why in the official list they were included as two separate cars, while in Europe they are also considered sisters: will we have a surprise in April with only one winner?

  • Subaru Outback: another Subaru in the list, for a presence that …
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