World of Warships: here are the results of the first tournament for the press

World of Warships: here are the results of the first tournament for the press

TuttooteK editorial team has been invited by to the first World of Warships press tournament: here are the results

On the occasion of the 0.10.2 update, which introduced several Italian ships within World of Warships, we were invited to participate in the first tournament for the Italian press and we can’t wait to tell you the results. We measured ourselves against colleagues from other magazines and, even if all the participants were beginners, the fun was not lacking.

Here’s how the first World of Warships press tournament went

Before telling you about the results of the tournament for the press of World of Warships organized by, we would like to tell you about the pleasant conference with the National Association of Italian Sailors. The association, which has its headquarters in Milan, has made available to virtual bystanders two of its members, who have provided us an interesting historical excursus on the history of the Italian Navy. We learned of its origins, of the life of sailors aboard ships and also of some battles it has faced throughout its history. It was a nice aperitif, before warming up the engines of our battleships.

The tournament was held with the participation of Everyeye, Tom’s Hardware, Game Legends, Gametime and we of and was commented live on the channel Official Twitch. Each editorial team made available three of its collaborators, each of whom used a different type of ship among those added with the new update. Regarding, the choice of our intrepid sailors fell on Stefano Pellegrini, Matteo De Filippi and Michele Anastasia. After several clashes, we managed to position ourselves third. But here is the definitive ranking:

  • Gametime
  • Everyeye
  • Game Legends
  • Tom’s Hardware
  • We are very happy to have taken part in this event. Even though none of us were an expert on the title, we had great fun and we were able to appreciate the mechanics a little more staid than usual. So we thank once again the guys at for this great opportunity. Have you tried World of Warships? Let us know what you think and be sure to follow us on our pages, or take a look at Instant-Gaming to buy game keys at a discounted price.

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