Xbox Game Pass: here are the new games of January 2022

The Xbox Game Pass finally arrived in January 2022, a subscription service from Microsoft that allows access to numerous titles, updates its catalog by inserting new games and removing others

Since its inception in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has managed to make great strides, becoming a must for Xbox console owners, or a more than viable alternative for those who prefer to play via mobile devices, taking advantage of the innovative Cloud Gaming system. The more than accessible price gives players the freedom to expand their library with more than 100 video games, and by now it has taken on a real form in its own right which is proposed as a method of using the media, asphalting every possible rival. While we are only at the beginning of January, this 2022 for the Xbox Game Pass begins with the inclusion within it of new games more than appreciated by the videogame public.

The new Xbox Game Pass games of January 2022

Returning to us, among the various titles added this month in the catalog, there is one in particular that had already made a lot of noise in the last period, but the rumors had not received any confirmation from the publisher or the developers. So let’s go and reveal both this and the other video games coming in the next few days:

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the game we mentioned earlier. It is a remaster of the iconic sci-fi RPG saga born from the talents belonging to the BioWare studio, which renews the graphics and general appearance of the more “dated” titles.
  • Outer Wilds is a title developed by Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive. In this particular space exploration game we will live the shoes of an aspiring alien astronaut, I intend to participate in the collection of information for a research useful to solve the greatest mysteries inherent in the cosmos. We will proceed to relive the past of vanished colleagues on uninhabited planets, rediscovering our side as an archaeologist and a handyman spacecraft pilot.

We continue our list with another title with spatial connotations:

  • Spelunky 2, a platform with roguelike features that leads us to dig the surface of the moon to be able to reveal the most hidden mysteries and treasures, not lacking in areas to explore, objects to exploit and traps to avoid. The interactions with the game world and what characterizes it are one of the most appreciated novelties in this second chapter, and the possibilities it offers are even more varied and numerous than before.

These and other games will arrive in several days: from January 4th they will be there Gorogoa, Olija, The Pedestrian; from 6 January they will have Embr, Mass Effect e Outer Wilds; from 13 January they will arrive Spelunky 2 e The Anacrusis; finally, from 20 January they will arrive Pupperazzi e Windjammers.

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