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Xbox Game Pass: in arrivo Assassin’s Creed e For Honor

Great landing of Ubisoft titles also on the Xbox Game Pass service which, soon, will be enriched with Assassin’s Creed Origins and For Honor

It had already been talked about some time ago about the possible arrival of two triple A titles, naturally by Ubisofton the Xbox Game Pass, but now we can finally say that it is Assassin’s Creed Origins e For Honor. Two not bad titles for those who prefer white weapon fights, but let’s go ahead with a little order!

Xbox Game Pass: Assassin’s Creed and For Honor, double hit in June

At this point the question that arises most spontaneously is the following. When exactly will they arrive Assassin’s Creed Origins e For Honor (to be precise it is the Marching Fire Edition) on the Xbox Game Pass service? The old school blows will come on June 1sttherefore in a very short time, and the set they will be followed by the mysteries and intrigues of ancient Egypt.

It should also be remembered that the “Egyptian chapter” of the well-known series of assassins against Templars it might also get an upgrade to 60 FPS between this week and next, but let’s not forget that both of these titles will be available, as well as on consoles, also on the cloud and PC.

Xbox Game Pass: in arrivo Assassin's Creed e For Honor

In all this “clash” between services belonging to different consoles and videogame houses, such as Nintendo Switch Online or PS Plus from Sony, it seems that Ubisoft is about to launch its own personal “idea” of service with many classics and an ever-expanding universe of titles. In any case, know that we have more in-depth here.

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