Xbox Series X available from tonight on the official store

Xbox Serie X disponibile da stasera sullo store ufficiale thumbnail

Xbox Serie X Sara available tonight on the official Xbox store. Microsoft’s gaming division communicated this with an explanatory countdown published today on Instagram. So prepare your credit card because it could be your chance to take this next generation console home.

Xbox Series X available today, September 7th

Xbox Serie X it came out at the end of 2020 together with its younger sister, the S Series. Buying one, however, is not easy. Thanks to the chip crisis that has overwhelmed the world in recent months and the very high demand, Microsoft is struggling to meet the demands of users, constantly hunting for the new console. This was also demonstrated by the Xbox All Access initiative: the American giant has decided to join forces with GameStop to offer the new subscription consoles. Too bad that the X Series has also sold like hot cakes within the All Access program.

But today you might have another chance to buy Xbox X Series. Give her 19.00 today, September 7, you can find it on the official Xbox store.
A truly precious opportunity to finally be able to pass to the new generation of consoles.

Would you like to know more? You can watch our video review below.