Xiaomi celebra la Giornata Internazionale della donna con il video "Women in Tech" thumbnail

Xiaomi celebrates International Women’s Day with the “Women in Tech” video

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Xiaomi International launches its video-storia ‘Women in Tech’, which portrays the lives of three female figures with key roles in the company. With the hope to inspire, innovate and further connect people around the world, while celebrating the talents that have helped build and shape the technology sector. The video story aims to convey an important message to all those who aspire to make a difference in the world of technology.

Xiaomi’s “Women in Tech” video: the importance of women in the field of technology

Diverse role models provide an opportunity for empowerment in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and technology. Xiaomi’s goal is precisely to remove this invisible barrier in the field of technology.

“We want to enable everyone in the world to enjoy a better quality of life through innovative technologies. This mission inspires us to work together to create a better world” – afferma Yi Yan, General Manager of Shanghai Regional Headquarter.

This inclusive mindset, in addition to promoting diversity in the technology sector, is also reflected in Xiaomi’s leadership style. Yi Yan indeed believes that the flat organizational structure of Xiaomi offers more opportunities to implement your strengths through collaboration among colleagues.

When asked what creates a supportive environment for women in the tech sector, Yi Yan explains how it is important to “provide a supportive environment at all stages of the career” expressing that this is the key to ignite creativity and thus stimulate career growth opportunities .

Xiaomi, a progressive, dynamic and inspiring workplace for everyone

Xiaomi also stands out for its commitment to building a progressive, dynamic and inspiring work environment for everyone. Chen Lu, Senior Director of Ecosystem, refers to the fact that the culture that Xiaomi built is the result of the variety of talents present in the company. “Xiaomi attracts the best talent in the industry, as well as being able to engage with a variety of opinions and points of view, allows you to look at issues from different perspectives. For example, Xiaomi’s engineers analyze problems from points of view that I personally had never considered before”.

As a tech packaging designer, Chen Lu describes how being able to collaborate with such a diverse group of people in the tech industry gives her new inspiration.

Another progressive thought that Xiaomi conveys is breaking down the barriers that define life creativity in the technology sector. Chen Lu, who works in packaging design, has direct experience with it. “Before joining Xiaomi, I had limited ideas about creativity. I used to think creativity was just about creating new visual experiences. At Xiaomi, I learned that creativity is also about solving practical problems, designing new experiences for users, and using design solutions to improve their daily lives.”

The technological mindset of women

Abi Go, Head of Product Marketing Xiaomi International, believes that there is a growing need for an inclusive and progressive mindset in tech, stating that perseverance and passion are admirable and vital characteristics for the advancement of women in the tech field.

Abi Go says, “Growing up, I encountered a culture that viewed women as tech-savvy, but in reality, many women are tech-minded and passionate about tech. The world is full of talented women in this industry.”

As an industry leader, Xiaomi represents a platform of growth for many young talents and its success is due to a holistic and inclusive way of operating. This means having strong empathy and understanding the point of view of others. Abi describes this concept as fundamental, especially in the product development phase. “We communicate, discuss and put ourselves in our users’ shoes, for example by giving feedback on how we can better co-develop the product. On the marketing front, we take the tech jargon and translate it into language that is easy for our users to understand” – conclude Abi Go.

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