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Xiaomi improves its commitment to Android updates

Xiaomi announced that the smartphones I 11T e Mi 11T Pro will enjoy 4 years of updates in terms of security patches and of 3 major update del sistema operativo Android. The Chinese giant could expand this policy to other or new devices as well, considering that it should unveil the new products on September 15th.

At the moment the company has not gone unbalanced by promising the same on other smartphones, but it is reasonable to think that this policy can be expanded and perhaps become the norm for the future. Should this scenario happen, Xiaomi would offer more software support to its smartphones than Google itself, which would be somewhat paradoxical.

Xiaomi could extend Android updates for its smartphones

The company of Mountain View it promises 3 years of updates for its Pixel phones. Xiaomi has never stood out from this point of view, also due to a certain slowness in releasing updates for the multitude of smartphones launched on the market. This could be a very interesting turning point for the future.

Xiaomi Mi 11T

Keeping smartphones updated and therefore safe for longer means extend their useful life and therefore reduce their environmental impact. Considering how much the internal components of our phones have become performing, the risk that after only a couple of years the smartphone is no longer performing are very low.

The Chinese giant’s Achilles heel

With such a move Xiaomi would be able to improve considerably under what is probably its only weak point, that is the software. Certainly we still need to work on MIUI, the proprietary interface which, although rich in functions, is often plagued by bugs which, if they are bearable on very cheap devices, are less so on top of the range such as Mi 11 Ultra, to give a simple example.

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