XPG CASTER: the first Adata DDR5 RAM modules are coming

The era of DDR5 RAM is upon us, and major component manufacturers begin churning out the first modules, including Adata XPG, with CASTER

The manufacturer XPG, Adata group, has made official that in the third quarter of 2021 the first will arrive moduli DDR5 with capacities up to 32 GB. Incredible the potential they can reach, up to 12600 MHz in overclock.

XPG, a manufacturer that is increasingly establishing itself in the sector of hardware components and peripherals for gamers, esports professionals and technology enthusiasts, today announces the launch of its new DDR5 gaming memory modules in the third quarter of 2021. The new product series will be known as CASTER. The modules will provide frequencies ranging from 6000 a 7400 MHz and are available in capacities from 8, 16 o 32 GB. XPG has worked closely with motherboard partners, including GIGABYTE, MSI, ASUS e ASRock, to ensure the highest level of compatibility and capacity in extreme overclocking sessions.

XPG CASTER: the first Adata DDR5 RAM modules are coming XPG CASTER: the first Adata DDR5 RAM modules are coming

XPG CASTER: the first Adata DDR5 RAM modules are coming

I new DDR5 modules will come in two variants, with and without RGB LEDs. Despite this difference, they share a cohesive industrial design. The latter has been researched and designed exclusively for these modules using two different surface treatments, one glossy and one matt. For greater depth, the matte surface of the modules is beveled giving it a futuristic look. To communicate the XPG brand, the modules sport diagonal lines that intersect and grooves they create geometric and “X” shapes thus playing with the XPG brand name and visual identity.

XPG’s new DDR5 modules are set to offer gamers and PC enthusiasts a noticeable improvement over DDR4 modules. In addition to frequencies above 4800 MHz, the modules will also be more energy efficient, operating at 1.1V versus 1.2V. In addition, the modules will be made with “Power Management Integrated Circuit” (PMIC) e “Error Correcting Code”(ECC) for greater efficiency and stability.

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