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Yodot Video File Repair: Repair corrupted videos on Mac

In this article, we will tell you about Yodot Video File Repair, which is a very interesting tool to fix corrupted videos on Mac

A video file can be corrupted in various ways. For example, data they can be corrupted by the use of faulty software or hardware or obsolete when creating or editing the file. Malfunctioning software may corrupt the file by reading or processing it.

Secondly, if any video file is poorly downloaded or copied then this can lead to data corruption as well. This can happen if the Internet connection is unstable or if there are device memory problems storage or USB flash drives used for file transfer.

Lastly, video file corruption can also result from the malware or computer viruses. These can damage the video file not only causing it to get corrupted but also causing the video to not play properly.

Yodot Video File Repair: Repair corrupted videos on Mac

How to spot a corrupted video file

The symptoms of video file corruption can be of different kinds. Some common signs of a corrupted video file they could include the inability to open a preview of the video, problems playing the video, audio out of sync, or image quality problems.

To prevent video file corruption, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the storage device and the software used to create, edit and play the videos. However, if you should notice problems in files, it is possible use repair software of corrupted files which can help to recover damaged video file data.

Yodot Video File Repair: Repair corrupted videos on Mac

Yodot Video File Repair: Fix corrupted videos on Mac the easy way

This application available on Mac and Windows allows you to repair corrupted video files. Yodot Video File Repair can fix video files MOV, MP4, AVI and other formats in very few steps. THE corrupted or damaged files can be repaired in minutes. It’s also a safe tool because it works on a copy of your original files so you don’t risk doing any more damage.

The graphical interface is very simple and minimal. The fully guided and highly automated repair procedure so that it is easy for anyone to proceed and get results. It all really comes down to 4 simple steps: opening the damaged file, recovering, previewing and saving the repaired file.

Files can also be imported from external devices like cameras, camcorders, smartphones, CCTV cameras and many other devices. An interesting function is the preview of the repaired filealso available in the free version of the software, which will allow you to preview the result before deciding whether or not to proceed with the purchase of the full license.

Once you purchase the license at a price of around $120, you can save the repaired files to any location you want. For example the internal disk of the PC or an external one connected via USB. Being a product also aimed at professionals who deal with videomaking, it is offered 24-hour technical assistance.


Video File Repair is a tool to repair Yodot video files easily and effectively. Lets recover files even from external devices and, thanks to the preview function, you will be able to evaluate the quality of the restored files before proceeding with the purchase of the license to be able to save them. That’s all from the software section, keep following us!

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