YouberUp review: how to grow your YouTube channel for free

YouberUp review: how to grow your YouTube channel for free

In this review we talk about YouberUp, an interesting application available for Android smartphones that allows you to quickly get views and subscribers for your YouTube channel in a totally free way. Let’s see how it works in more detail

YouTube has now become a place where billions of people converge who spend hours and hours viewing content. It is a huge cake and everyone would like to taste a small slice, also because now a successful YouTube channel generates a lot of income in economic terms. Unfortunately it is also true that the competition is very high and for those wishing to attempt the climb to success, the climb could be quite steep. Starting from 0 it is very difficult to get to high numbers because the algorithm rewards videos with many interactions and a YouTube channel with few subscribers also has few interactions. That’s why the YouberUp app could be an interesting tool to kickstart your YouTube career. In this review we will see how it will be possible through YouberUp to get new subscribers for free and how to get free viewing.

YouberUp review: how to grow your YouTube channel for free

The graphical interface | YouberUp Review

YouberUp’s graphical interface is very simple and intuitive. Essentially, the UI is divided into different tabs, each one that expresses a functionality: get new subscribers and views, get credits, monitor your developing campaigns, etc. Each tab is organized quite simply with large buttons to press to interact. All very clear therefore from the first use, even if to learn how to use the app correctly you should follow the instructions that we report below.

Installation is trivial: just search for the app in the Google Play Store and at the first access your account must be registered via email and the access password must be set. And that’s it! A few minutes and you will be ready to use the app also thanks to the initial credit of 1000 coins that is given as a gift to new subscribers.

Let’s grow our channel | YouberUp Review

In the tab with the heart symbol we can access the “Pricing Plan” section. Here we will be able to choose whether to spend our coins to earn new subscribers, new likes on our videos or subscribers to the YouTube channel. Numerous plans with different costs and benefits will be displayed in the interface. Just select the one that’s right for us and then enter the address of the video or channel to advertise. Once the procedure is completed, the virtual coins will be deducted and the “sponsorship” campaign will begin immediately. In the “Task List” tab you can see the progress of all your campaigns. Very simple, but how do you get the coins? Everything is absolutely free!

Getting Credits | YouberUp Review

The mechanism for obtaining the virtual credits to invest is the real keystone of YouberUp. Coins can essentially be obtained by subscribing to other channels, liking videos and viewing other people’s videos – who obviously have previously activated a sponsorship campaign with YouberUp. From the “Earn Coins” tab, which you will recognize by the dollar symbol, you can choose if you want to see videos, leave likes or subscribe to a channel. Two buttons will allow you to proceed with viewing the video and then switch to another video. It also indicates the reward that is credited to your profile as soon as the video finishes playing. Simple isn’t it?


The idea behind YouberUp is to create a community that exchanges favors to encourage the growth of members. Given that the difference between the credits that can be accumulated with a single action and those necessary to activate a campaign is considerable, the mechanism should work because it prompts individuals to view many videos or subscribe to many channels. However, this can be frustrating because to get few views or subscribers you have to waste a lot of time. Of course it’s free, while the classic YouTube sponsorships cost.

There is another aspect to consider, namely the quality of subscribers and views: users will only be minimally interested in your content and are only interested in accumulating coins. So it is very unlikely that these users will return to your channel or share your videos because they are genuinely interested. Perhaps it would be interesting to implement a mechanism that suggests videos in the “Earn Coins” tab according to our interests. However, there is a big advantage: these are 100% real views or subscribers they will go to “deceive” the YouTube algorithm, who will then do the dirty work of suggesting your videos to people who are really interesting to your content. YouberUp in other words can reveal the potential of your YouTube channel to bring it to the attention of the general public and therefore to very rapid growth. So arm yourself with patience if you want to use YouberUp and if your content is really quality, sooner or later the results will show!

Good, but it takes patience and talent!

Points in favor

  • Simple to use
  • Completely free
  • Community organization

Points against

  • It takes patience to get important results
  • Poor quality of users directly addressed to the channel
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