YouTube announces Escape2021: the new event that will replace Rewind

YouTube annuncia Escape2021: il nuovo evento che sostituirà Rewind thumbnail

YouTube will host a 24-hour interactive live event with musicians and creators to take stock of the platform’s most important trends and videos in 2021: the event, called Escape2021, will have three chapters, the first of which starts on December 16. Escape2021’s goal is somewhat bizarre and over the top: to free Lofi Girl from the confines of her bedroom and studies.

YouTube annuncia Escape2021

Escape2021 comes after the company finally put aside YouTube Rewind, the high-value summary video that the company released at the end of each year and which has always been a rather controversial topic in the community.

YouTube said in October that it would change formats in favor of a formula designed to create different types of productions. Escape2021 is not intended to replace Rewind but rather to offer a new way to celebrate the biggest trends of the year, as also explained Lauren Verrusio, spokesperson for YouTube.

The event therefore appears to be YouTube’s attempt to deliver more engaging online experiences. The platform in fact explained that there will be trivia questions, challenges based on trends and “live experiences in real time” up to the inevitable musical performances. One of the challenges will be based on the famous channel Lofi Musi to Relax / Study to, and the girl in the videos.

It is interesting to note how YouTube is aiming for a real paradigm shift compared to the past, preferring an event that is able to engage and make viewers active above all else. It is no coincidence that the entire Escape2021 is divided into three playable chapters, a bit like a video game trilogy.

It is not yet clear how things will play out in practice, but we are sure that we will soon get new information in this regard.