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ZEGNA X is born, a new digital ecosystem in collaboration with Microsoft

Another step forward towards digitization, to improve business processes, taking advantage of new technologies. We are talking about ZEGNA Xthe new innovative ecosystem developed by Microsoft in collaboration with the famous fashion brand. The presentation was held in the last few hours and we are ready to tell you in detail what it is about…

What does the new ZEGNA X ecosystem consist of?

To introduce the event was Vincent Esposito, CEO of Microsoft Italy, in his first public appearance in this role. He pointed out how it is doubly involved on a personal level in the project: both as a Microsoft executive, but also as a loyal customer of ZEGNA.

The ball then passed to Gildo Zegnain connection he explained how true luxury necessarily passes through a customer journey curato, which allows you to be connected directly with the stores, to receive an even more comfortable and personalized experience. And the next step in this direction is the new digital ecosystem ZEGNA X.

We have seen a simulation of this user experience. L’artificial intelligence study customer data to figure out who they might be interested in new purchases, as well as what products they might be with more conversion possibilities. It’s based on information provided by the customer, ranging from items they’ve already purchased in the last few months to upcoming birthdays they might want to buy a gift for.

At this point you can make an appointment in a ZEGNA store with your own style advisor. And here we find the fundamental tool of the configurator. Millions and millions of product combinations that you can see on the screen in a few seconds, to build your favorite outfit and analyze every detail. To then quickly move on to the purchase or even just receive a reproduction of this look by mail for further evaluations.

What does digital mean?

Edward ZegnaChief Marketing, Digital and Sustainability Officer, spoke on stage, explaining how for a luxury brands like this, digital should be something that makes life easier for end customers.

And it is evident how the project is absolutely effective in this. Already today, 45% of the brand’s retail sales derive precisely from this idea of ​​a customer experience guided at every step. Now to the combo ZEGNA X + Style Advisor + Data Science a fourth factor is added, namely the configurator. In this way the experience is further expanded, making the purchase of a new outfit even more pleasant and immediate.

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All this is possible thanks to the partnership con Microsoft and the contribution of artificial intelligence. It was best to tell it Nina Lund, EMEA Region, Retail and CG Lead for Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence is a force that is sweeping the world. And it is very important to learn how to manage it. “Learning” is a key term for ZEGNA X.

The idea is that it matters learn to use technologybut also make sure that the technology learns and consequently the company learn more about its customers, who always remain at the centre. Having all this clear is the only way to really become tech intensea concept particularly dear to Lung.

Edoardo Zegna commented on the launch of ZEGNA X as follows:

“This day represents a new, important step forward for ZEGNA as the future of luxury is clienteling. In 2022, ZEGNA increased its investments in customer-oriented technologies, allocating more than 5 million euros for the ZEGNA X ecosystem.

We will continue to increase investment in this direction in 2023 with more new developments. We are proud to have created a new standard in the world of luxury clienteling, connecting data with AI, storytelling and product quality within a single reality. ZEGNA X is our added value and we could only choose Microsoft as our partner”.

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Nina Lund then commented:

“Microsoft’s goal is to help our customers and their employees accelerate to new business models. The collaboration with ZEGNA gives us the opportunity to redefine a future vision together, merging ZEGNA’s craftsmanship expertise with the technology offered by Microsoft.

This journey has allowed ZEGNA to leverage cutting-edge cloud solutions to reinvent its business, from the employee experience to store management. Together, Microsoft and ZEGNA are ready to redefine the art of the possible thanks to the union between fashion and technology“.

ZEGNA X arrives in Milan from 18 April

The complete experience of this new digital ecosystem will be available from today 18 April at the Flagship Store in Via Montenapoleone a Milano On appointment. Currently it will be accessible only as regards the luxury leisurewear area, but the goal is to expand to the complete collection by 2023, also always adding new selected points of sale all over the world.

2024 should then bring a further novelty for ZEGNA X, making the configurations accessible to all customers directly from the web. An additional step to facilitate the customer experience and improve our looks.

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