Zity in Milan: 100% electric vehicles can now be rented directly from the Wetaxi app

Zity a Milano: i veicoli 100% elettrici ora si possono noleggiare direttamente dall'app Wetaxi thumbnail

The Turin mobility startup Taxi expands the range of services with the integration of the fleet Zity on its own platform: from today users can rent a full-electric vehicle directly from the app, without using other services.

Wetaxi integrates Zity for even more sustainable mobility

Technological partner of Italian radio taxis and innovation in mobility, Wetaxi inaugurates the partnership with the service 100% electric car sharing Zity, as part of MaaS4Italy. The project, financed with Pnrr funds, involves the integration of multiple public and private transport services into a single platform, of which Wetaxi is the MaaS Operator. With this new collaboration, users located in Milan will be able to rent a vehicle from the Zity fleet directly from Taxi and pay conveniently from the app.

“Mobility is a complex system,” explains Massimiliano Curto, CEO of Wetaxi. Only the synergy between public transport and sharing services can have a “decisive impact on the reduction of private vehicles that clog city streets every day”. In this context it is increasingly important to promote mobility sustainable, intermodal and increasingly smart.

Milan mobilizes

On the other hand, in recent years Italy has seen a strong push for the growth of Maas (Mobility As A Service) mobility systems. This is also thanks to the initiative MaaS4Italy and to experiments in large Italian cities, first and foremost Milan and Rome. It is precisely from the synergistic combination of the services that make up the transport ecosystem that the commitment to the mobility of the future derives. Services that include taxis, car sharing, trains and local public transport.

This is an objective that sees the reduction of superfluous private mobility and a progressive balance of integrated, shared and efficient mobility systems. But above all smart and available, improving the lives of citizens and all players in the transport sector.

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