5 reasons to watch Loki, the series, on Disney +

Just out of the second season on Disney +, let’s find out in this guide the 5 reasons why you should definitely see Loki!

There are so many reasons for wanting watch Loki on Disney +. In this guide we are going to offer you the 5 main reasons why you absolutely must not miss this release.

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The Executive Producer | Why watch Loki on Disney +

Tom Hiddleston is taking on the role of executive producer on this show and the live-action series was created exclusively for Disney +. After months and months of waiting, now is the time to get behind the screen and enjoy the work of this famous producer.

5 reasons to watch Loki, the series, on Disney +

Seeing Loki in a new light | Why watch Loki on Disney +

While his ego is still intact, Loki is losing his majestic self-proclaimed identity as “God of Evil” as the “Loki” series progresses, different sides of Loki will stand out to solve a half-century serious criminal mystery with a Time Variance Authority (TVA) agent and Mobius. His “unique perspective of Loki” will be the key to identifying the culprits and fixing the timeline.

The evolution of the character of Loki | Why watch Loki on Disney +

It is now time for Loki to free himself from the trap of past cycles that have placed him at the center of an infinite cycle of betrayals and resistances: Loki trusts, cheats, becomes a villain, learns to trust again, is betrayed, trusts again , can be trusted again, then cheats or feels betrayed. For the TV series, it becomes clear that Loki needs to evolve, and its evolution in this series is a central theme to keep an eye on.

5 reasons to watch Loki, the series, on Disney +

The “Infinity Stones” | Why watch Loki on Disney +

The “Infinity Stones” were taken out of the universe during Avengers: Endgame. In this series, however, the “Infinity Stones” still exist as it is set in an alternate timeline, as the Time Variance Authority can tap into different timelines. Therefore, not only are there other unknown truths within the “Infinity Stones” waiting to be discovered, but these are also essential clues to solve the mystery of Avenger: Endgame that has left us all quite curious and at times perplexed by the lack of news.

New characters arrive | Why watch Loki on Disney +

As is well known, such a series is very appetizing. We will probably see the introduction of new characters. Furthermore, there is a possibility that Loki’s comics will also be adapted. Many exciting things await us.


Now here we are, the second season is here, and many ideas are in the cauldron for the following ones. What are you waiting for? Loki is a must-see series if you like the MCU. Have you already completed the second season as well? What do you think? Let us know in the comments and keep following us on the TechGameWorld.com pages for other news from the world of TV series and Cinema.

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