Battlefield 2042 confirms cross-play but not between different generations

Electronic Arts has confirmed the presence of cross-play in Battlefield 2042, but that this will not be possible between different generations, due to the technical gap of the various versions

Yesterday, Electronic Arts released a full-bodied post within your blog, to communicate new details related to the upcoming Battlefield 2042, the new episode of the shooter series developed by DICE. Among the topics touched upon, what aroused the public interest the most was the confirmation of the presence of cross-play. This confirmation, however, does not only concern the launch of production, but will be experimentable from the imminent technical test phase. However, the publisher announced how this feature will not allow users from different console generations to be merged.

Battlefield 2042: cross-play confirmed but not between different generations

The cross-play support, therefore, it will be available from the day of the launch of the title, set for next 22 October, albeit with the limitations described above. Thus, while the users PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S will be able to play with each other, the owners of PS4 and Xbox One will only be able to interact within their generational ecosystem. Fortunately the DICE title will support cross-progression features, on all systems, so as to allow you to continue your career smoothly even in the event of changing the gaming machine.

Battlefield 2042 confirms cross-play but not between different generations

The reasons for this choice from a cross-play perspective, are due to the technical gap that will characterize the old and new generation incarnations of the game, with the former that will be able to host matches for up to 64 players, against 128 of the latter (and the PC release).

The presence of functionality, although limited in the way just described, highlights even more how DICE has really staked a lot on the multiplayer sector of the production, as the decision not to propose a single player campaign had already shown.

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