Review The Engine of the World: World Youth Skills Day

The World Youth Skills Day was established in 2014 to enhance the potential of the new generations and intervene appropriately. It is celebrated on July 15 every year and, on the occasion of this day, here is the review of The engine of the world. How feelings have changed.

TITLE: The engine of the world. How feelings have changed. AUTHOR: Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet KIND: Wise HOME EDITOR: Solferino YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2020

According to the data ofILO (International Labor Organization) we are witnessing a crisis never seen before: over 400 million young people cannot access the world of work or, at least, the continuous one and consequently a future worthy of being defined as dignified.

World Youth Skills Day | Review The Engine of the World: World Youth Skills Day

In the world, young people between 15 and 24 years old represent the 16% of the entire population. They are much more likely to become underpaid adults or, at worst, unemployed. World Youth Skills Day aims to bring light and attention to this crisis situation to create sustainable and stable societies and prevent unemployment and migration.

According to some data the85% of the work that will exist in 2030 it has not yet been created and will develop as a result of changes in society. This is why it is important to transmit to young people the ability and the possibility of learning new tricks. This is precisely the goal of this day: to emphasize the importance of equipping young people with better skills.

The engine of the world | Review The Engine of the World: World Youth Skills Day

This essay, defined by the author himself as “professional and personal non-linear autobiography” collects convictions and impressions matured over the fifty years that have passed, due to his work, in close contact with children, teenagers and parents.

One of these beliefs is precisely that i feelings are the engine of the world. All feelings mentioned, including hope e love, are studied trying to identify the main characteristics of adolescent and youthful growth.

To be able to do so, however, Charms he had to break some dogmas of psychotherapy. One of these is to assign the cause of any other situation, event or relationship to the past. The reason is explained by him himself when he remembers numerous children asking adults for the ability to take an interest in theirs, however much they are able here I’m. So he begins to deal with the mystery of this present:

“They much prefer to think that their problem arises now, arises in the immediacy of the facts and arises above all from the perception that there is a time called the future that is not remote, that of retirement or permanent work, but what will happen tonight or in two days. “

He also goes on to underline how much the present is actually closely related to future and how the old generations have punished the new ones:

“The present for the adolescent is inhabited by a very near future. For the adolescent, the real trauma is the future, the future that is in the present, that is, growth, adolescence. “

It also focuses on how much theeducation of the youngest is based on and founded on the past, on what happened and not on what could happen:

“We should begin to teach the future, not the theoretical future but the real future, that of the planet, of the organization of society, of work, of the family, of communications. What will the future of young people be like? “

Review The Engine of the World: World Youth Skills Day

Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet

It is one of the most important psychiatrists e psychotherapists Italians, specializing in Clinic University in 1968. Born in Venice in 1939, he founded the institute Minotaur in 1985 and was its president until 2011.

Seen from the eyes of a psychiatrist, the situation of young people seems to be more criticism than it can seem. Adults have stopped wondering what young people think, worrying about their abilities to emphasize only the need who have to bring the new generations to high levels, unable to understand how deleterious this behavior is.

Review The Engine of the World: World Youth Skills Day

Points in favor

  • Human
  • Introspective
  • Deep

Points against

  • Probably a bit complicated to understand in full