A photo contest for the blind and visually impaired with Canon partners

Canon sostiene il corso “L’essenziale è invisibile agli occhi” per non vedenti e ipovedenti thumbnail

Canon is Digital Imaging Partner of The essential is invisible to the eyes, a photographic course organized by Saverio Caracciolo in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Cosenza. The initiative aims to teach trainees that to shoot it is essential to see with the heart and mind.

Canon offers its EOS R

What is essential is invisible to the eye is a photographic course that started on 10 June and is dedicated to the blind and visually impaired. At the base of the project is the professionalism of the photographer Saverio Caracciolo, which will accompany the students in the magical world of photography. The best shots will be selected and collected in the 2022 calendar. Canon, for the occasion, is Digital Imaging Partner, providing a Canon EOS R camera. The latter will be useful for documenting classroom activities and during outings. A compact camera, which will be useful for students to take their shots.

The essential is invisible to the eye: a sensory (per) course

The essential is invisible to the eye is much more than a simple photographic course. It is a real sensory journey. A way to explore the world through those who experience the images every day, perceiving their sounds, scents, flavors, and touching emotions with their own hands. The idea was born from Saverio Caracciono the 2014, during the filming of the program La Nostra Domenica for the Calabrian regional broadcaster LaC. Guest of the episode were the boys ofItalian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (UICI) of Vibo Valentia. Here’s how the photographer remembers that meeting:

“As I approached to speak with their president, Giovanni Barberio, I made the mistake of addressing his companion,” says Saverio. “John’s reaction was immediate: why don’t you look at me if you talk to me It was a blow to the heart, I was very badly there. I knew I hadn’t intentionally offended him, but instinct and ignorance had taken over anyway. Back home I continued to think back to what had happened, looking for a way to repair the lightness committed. Hence the idea of ​​the photography course for the blind, which I hastened to propose to Giovanni a few days later. At first he thought of a mockery, but when I explained the project to him, he was convinced and accepted the challenge ”.

Today, five years later, Saverio is ready to welcome a new class of students to repeat the exciting experience of the first course.The initiative, perfectly in line with the will to promote, support and develop social responsibility projects that distinguish Canon , was received with great enthusiasm.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the support of Canon technology for a project of such noble value and meaning: the narrative force of imaging through this course acquires a new power, an unprecedented emotional nuance because it will allow us to immortalize what is invisible to eyes, but it is perceived by the mind, heart and other senses. The result will be shots with a unique charm. ” He has declared Paolo Tedeschi, Corporate Communication & Marketing Services Senior Manager of Canon Italia.