Amazon Alexa Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick: fun even on vacation

Alexa is ready to go on vacation aboard the Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick: maximum enjoyment and safety of your home, anywhere. Amazon Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick are must-have devices for hi-tech and non-hi-tech travelers. Here are the 5 reasons to pack them

Summer holidays are finally upon us and it’s time to pack smart suitcases to have anytime, anywhere everything you need to have fun, explore your passions and stay connected at the same time. This is where Amazon devices with Alexa integration come into play for users in Italy – such as Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick – ideal for having at hand – and voice – music, movies, TV series, audiobooks, games, news and recipes, as well as checking what happens in your home, even miles away.

With Echo Show 10 summer fun is unstoppable: the device, now available on in double color, is equipped with a 10 inch adaptive HD with bright colors, designed to move with the user, thanks to the rotation that follows the movements of the user. The innovative 13MP wide angle camera adjusts the frame to always keep the subject in the foreground and in the center of the image, even on the occasion of group video calls, with friends and family, far and near. Echo Show 10 is powerful, versatile and efficient, perfect for any room in the house that hosts it: i dual front tweeters and the powerful woofer offer excellent sound quality. Furthermore, thanks to the brushless motor, the rotation system is absolutely silent. After a day on the beach, a walk in the hills or a trip at high altitude, the Echo Show 10 will be waiting for users at home, for maximum entertainment even on summer evenings.

Amazon Alexa Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick: fun even on vacation

5 reasons to take the Alexa Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick on vacation

For those who still have some doubts, here are 5 additional reasons why, before leaving, you need to make sure you have packed your Amazon devices:

  • “Alexa, play a summer playlist”: always having your favorite music at the right time has never been easier, especially on vacation, when an electrifying wave of musical novelties accompanies the hottest season. Users can also choose to play music for a limited time, for example by asking: “Alexa, play relaxing music for 10 minutes”; eventually, they can also lengthen the duration of the listening session by saying “Alexa, add 2 minutes to the timer”. In addition, thanks to the Multi-Room Music function, you can listen to music throughout the house, playing it simultaneously from multiple compatible Echo devices, even in different rooms. Just say “Alexa, play music everywhere”.
  • “Alexa, play Celebrity Hunted Season 2 – Manhunt on Prime Video”: users in Italy are ready to go on vacation, but not without their favorite TV series or movies. No fear. In fact, just connect the Fire TV Stick to the internet connection to enjoy movies and series in complete relaxation, even from an old non-smart TV in the summer home.
  • “Alexa, read Harry Potter Book 1”: what holidays would be without an exciting and engaging story read by exceptional voices to keep company? In the house by the sea or in the mountains, during a long drive: thanks to Audible, Amazon’s assistant has an audiobook, podcast, or audio series ready to listen, such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, available for free until August 8.
  • “Alexa, suggest me a summer recipe”: from couscous, to garganelli with zucchini and shrimp pesto, through to the stuffed mozzarella roll or to a refreshing melon ice cream, Alexa is always ready to recommend the ideal recipe for every occasion, offering the possibility to follow the preparation step step by step on the Echo Show 10 screen.
  • “Alexa, open Trivial Pursuit Family Edition”: Amazon devices are ideal for the entertainment of young and old thanks to quizzes and riddles on different topics, skills to learn curiosities and notions of all kinds or real role-playing games and logic to experience other dimensions. Akinator, Trivial Pursuit family edition, Escape Room, are just some of the best games to test yourself during your summer family vacation.
  • “Alexa, show camera [nome dispositivo]” it is the perfect function to control – from Echo Show or Fire TV – the security cameras in your home remotely. What’s more, with the Echo Show 10 you can use the camera to monitor your home at any time from your mobile phone, by rotating the device 360 ​​°. Alexa integrates with thousands of Smart Home devices and allows you to activate not only the cameras, but also compatible lights and thermostats, necessary to spend the summer holidays in complete safety and without worries, wherever you are.
  • Amazon Alexa Echo Show 10 and Fire TV Stick: fun even on vacation

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