Anteprima WarioWare: Get It Together, delirio su Nintendo Switch!

The old marries the new in a crazy return to Nintendo Switch, in our preview of the demo version of WarioWare: Get It Together!

The way for WarioWaredespite the episode Get It Together per Nintendo Switch is now upon us, it has been tortuous enough to spend a few lines on this one preview. Although Wario’s standard uniform in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the biker uniform he sported in this successful spinoff series, his presence on the Big N’s hybrid console was never something to be taken for granted. Just browse through some old issues of Nintendo’s legendary Official Magazine, whose exiles now feature in the closing credits of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, to realize this.

The “nut side” of the Kyoto colossus originated on the Nintendo 64, with a prototype of the series hidden in Mario Artist: Polygon Studio with the first name of Sound Bomber. Then, in 2003, the turning point: the ability to sell the development team’s outlet of creativity (which would then give platformers a zany repaint with Super Mario Maker) and to give Wario something to do in one fell swoop. The aforementioned magazine (NRU for friends, that is, for us) then defined all this “a crazy Trojan horse” to define the way in which the series exploits the features of a console. Keep in mind the above, because we will be back.

The world is beautiful because it’s Wario (for better or for worse)

The first WarioWare also received a GameCube spinoff, reinterpreting the basic formula (“Micro games” of four seconds each, with a simple imperative such as “tutorial” and input reduced to the bone) in the form of a party game. Then, with a return to the Game Boy Advance, it was the turn of Twisted! with a motion sensor in the cartridge – such a revolutionary concept, the guys at NRU have reviewed the game twice. Except it wasn’t so much a question of quality as a matter of hesitation. Nintendo thought and rethought it before completely avoiding publication in Europe.

So if Touched! on Nintendo DS it was the “crazy Trojan horse” we were alluding to, the release at the launch of the console (and that of Smooth Moves at the launch of Wii) was not exactly the rule but the exception. The future of the series has become even more uncertain with Game & Wario on Wii U, where the formula received another makeover (expanding the micro-games to full-fledged minigames). Then, all of a sudden, Gold on 3DS finally got it all back on track, while combining the first game, Twisted! and Touched !. And in all the fickleness of a world as beautiful as Wario, the latter’s platformer origins (Wario Land: The Shake Dimension permitting) are still undiscovered.

Anteprima WarioWare: Get It Together, delirio su Nintendo Switch!

We are the input system – WarioWare Preview: Get It Together

How does this long preamble (miraculously summarized for preview’s sake) relate to WarioWare: Get It Together? In fact, the game proves itself more than ever a worthy follow up of his predecessors by shifting the focus on the friends that Wario loves to exploit (think of the Activision scandal, but in a comic and PEGI 3+ key) to develop his micro-games. To be a worthy sequel, however, the game must have an idea on which to base the whole experience. The demo confirmed what we already thought after seeing the trailer: the idea of use the characters themselves as input it is a winner on many levels.

First of all, we have a feature that gives the game its undeniable identity. The “is the one with…” formula used to distinguish James Bond films may be a bit of a unit of measure, but it fits the WarioWare series like few other concepts. The first episode provided the foundation with which Twisted! taught us how to move before Wii, Touched! showed the potential of touch screen and stylus and so on. Secondly, we have a tasty appetizer for those who are patiently waiting for another platformer with Wario as the undoubted and morally ambiguous protagonist.

Anteprima WarioWare: Get It Together, delirio su Nintendo Switch!

Combo – Anteprima WarioWare: Get It Together

Then there is also to say, if we really want to provide a complete picture in our preview, that WarioWare: Get It Together does not make characters and micro games simple addenda. We are dealing with real factors in this undoubted multiplication, in which we have to keep in mind which of the characters is provided to us just before starting to play. As you go through the demo the cast is unlocked, the various supporting actors are part of a random rotation that will lead us to re-evaluate our approach to the minigame. The result, in pure WarioWare style, is pure delirium.

Let’s talk about a few seconds to remind us that Wario is the character who flies and who dispenses Wario Land’s shoulders-ian memory, while 18-Volt remains stationary in place and interacts with the targets to be hit by laser beams. If you then want to mix the cocktail further, the Trojan horse look is then doubled with the option of play co-op with Joy-Con; no, the character is never the same for both players. On the same screen, therefore, one player will have to hit the hairs under the armpits with Young Cricket’s jump, while the other will have to shave the giant on screen with Mona’s boomerang.

Anteprima WarioWare: Get It Together, delirio su Nintendo Switch!

(Partially) conclusive considerations

From what we got to understand with the demo, we can close our preview of WarioWare: Get It Together on a very positive note. The delirium is all there, the desire to show off the potential of the console also and, as the many reminders of the demo remind us, the full game (which we plan to review next month) makes this trial version a mere tip of the iceberg. Not that he ever really left, but maybe it’s only now that we can really breathe a sigh of relief and announce triumphantly: yes, WarioWare is back.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: have you tried the demo? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.