Apple avrebbe presentato gli schemi di Apple Car a un produttore giapponese di componenti per auto thumbnail

Apple allegedly presented Apple Car schematics to a Japanese auto parts manufacturer

In January 2020, Apple informed Japanese company Sanden that it plans to produce electric vehicles, and according to Nikkei Asia, it also has them presented the diagrams of his Apple Car and air conditioning components.

Sanden is a leading manufacturer of automotive air conditioning components and, according to the site, has negotiations with Apple continued on the specific requirements for these components for several months.

However, due to financial problems, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanden asked its creditors to restructure their debt in June 2020, which apparently was not particularly appreciated by Apple who cut off communications with the Japanese manufacturer.

Apple Car, despite the setback with Sanden should be done when it is a mystery

And even if no further details are known, you notice itaunt reported by Nikkei Asia does nothing else than to confirm that Apple is busily working on his Apple Car, that apart from the countless indiscretions and imaginary design is still totally top secret.

However, it is no secret that personal mobility can be another interesting path that Apple wants to take. But there is a lot of competition in this area as well perhaps in Cupertino they are evaluating whether it is appropriate to enter the market so fierce that recently it has seen the entry of other brands more linked to electronics than to automotive.

In November 2021, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple was speeding up times on the project and working to create a fully self-driving electric vehicle. Gurman also said that Apple is aiming to launch its car in 2025, but the project has faced many setbacks due to the departures of many of its dedicated engineers over the years. So the times to see the coveted Apple Car on the road are still (very) uncertain today.

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