Back 4 Blood: Trailer for the features of the PC version

Let’s find out together what will be the technical characteristics of Back 4 Blood, the new work of Turtle Rock Studios, in its PC incarnation

The story of Turtle Rock Studios seems to be entirely dedicated to multiplayer experiences, as the team’s story effectively demonstrates, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Evolve and finally the next Back 4 Bloodin fact, they are all jobs that entirely base their being on the online sector, so as to give life to highly identified cooperative / competitive productions. And it is precisely the latest work of the studio that NVIDIA has dedicated a trailer, through which those that will be the will be put on display features of the PC version of the game.

Back 4 Blood shows us the features of the PC release

As we learn from the video, which we show you as usual in the news, the signed work on a personal computer Turtle Rock Studios will be able to count on the unlocked framerate, the resolution can go up to 4K, in addition to full support for DLSS technology by NVIDIA. In addition they will be ultrawide displays supported, in addition to the possibility of exploiting the multi monitor and at Multiple Quality Customization Options. Also confirmed the cross-play between the various platforms for which the title will be available starting next October 12th.

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative first person shooter, characterized by a strongly narrative campaign for a maximum of 4 players, a competitive multiplayer sector in which you can choose whether to play as a human or a Ridden, all characterized by a thick action gameplay. It will be possible to choose between 8 types of Exterminators, the immune human survivors, as well as a large number of weapons and objects. Their task will be to cooperate in order to get the better of the enemy creature, able to evolve continuously. Of course, whether you play as the Ridden that of humans, the experience will be characterized by unique armaments, skills and specialties, and it will also be possible to change faction even during the various matches, by means of some special perks.

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