Sony HT-A7000: a 7.2.1 soundbar for crystal clear sound

The combination of the Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force PRO Front Surround technology creates immersive virtual surround sound. Optional subwoofers and rear speakers take acoustic perception to a new level. All of this makes the Sony HT-A7000 a great soundbar

Sony today unveiled the HT-A7000, the flagship of the soundbar range, intended to rewrite the concepts of immersion and realism. HT-A7000 has 7.1.2 channels, two speakers aimed at the ceiling to spread the sounds upwards, two tweeters and five speakers front to extend the range of surround and a dual subwoofer integrated to enhance the bass. Thanks to Vertical Surround Engine e alla tecnologia S-Force PRO Front Surround, the new HT-A7000 creates virtual surround sound that completely envelops listeners, delivering the thrill of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X formats.

The Vertical Surround Engine di HT-A7000 allows you to position sounds vertically, to distribute them to the highest points of the room, without having to install speakers on the ceiling. The system is supported by S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, which produces a virtual sound field coming from both sides.

Sony HT-A7000: speaker sofisticati

The HT-A7000 soundbar features two upward facing speakers that emit sounds towards the ceiling, causing reverb to fill the entire space above your head. Like the Vertical Surround Engine, they are indispensable for creating a multidirectional sound experience even more exciting. The tweeters, on the other hand, project the sound towards the side walls of the room to further amplify the surround effect and, together with the S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, create audio that pushes the boundaries of the television, completely enveloping the spectators. Both upward and front facing speakers and subwoofer integrate one unit X-Balanced Speaker in a unique rectangular shape that, in addition to maximizing the diaphragm area, increases the sound pressure to accentuate bass power and vocal clarity.

Excellent quality regardless of the content

With the HT-A7000 soundbar, music comes to life like never before. The formato 360 Reality Audio revolutionizes the listening experience with unprecedented realism, giving the impression of being at a live concert or recording studio. 360 Reality Audio contents can be enjoyed on platforms Amazon Music HD, Deezer, e TIDAL. High-Resolution Audio is no exception when it comes to reproducing the notes the artist had in mind with incredible precision.

The new HT-A7000 can also count on DSEE Extreme, a technology that uses artificial intelligence applied to the source (Edge-AI) to restore compressed digital music files in real time, compensating for high frequencies to make the listening experience even more intense and complete. Even movie and video game scenes are loaded with a new realism, made of vivid colors and accentuated depth. When reproduced through the HT-A7000, all the original image quality of film productions is preserved so that you can fully immerse yourself in the movies. HT-A7000 supports all the latest image formats, from 8K HDR to 4K 120 and Dolby Vision, to transform every movie or game session into a concentrate of emotions.

Optional subwoofer and rear speakers to go further

For even deeper bass, you can add an optional subwoofer. To have two types of subwoofer allows the HT-A7000’s built-in subwoofer to handle bass and vocals, while the optional one can focus on the lower frequency ranges. For rich bass, you can add the SA-SW5 subwoofer, which delivers 300W of full, resonant bass from a 180mm driver with passive radiator. Alternatively, you can opt for the subwoofer Bass Reflex compatto SA-SW3 with a power of 200W and a 160mm driver. Finally, for a truly cinema experience, it will be possible to mount (even on the wall) the SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers, which enhance the sounds behind the spectators with 100 W of extended surround sound.

Sony HT-A7000: a 7.2.1 soundbar for crystal clear sound

Sony HT-A7000: a custom surround

The built-in microphones in the HT-A7000 soundbar take care of fine-tuning the sounds to the room, without having to worry about where to place the speakers. Smart technology Sound Field Optimization It automatically measures the height and dimensions of the room as well as the position of optional rear speakers or subwoofer to optimize the sound according to the configuration of the room. The effect of Sound Field Optimization is felt both with and without the optional speakers and does not require complex adjustments: just activate the function from the initial settings of the main menu.

A whole new level with Sony TVs

By connecting the soundbar to a BRAVIA TV equipped with Acoustic Center Sync with the appropriate cable, both devices are transformed into the audio system of the Home Theater system. Sounds and dialogue come from where the characters are on the screen and precisely follow the action, for total immersion in the scenes. The integrated user interface also allows you to adjust mode, sound field and volume directly from the Quick Setup menu on your BRAVIA TV.

Design “Omnidirectional Block”

From an aesthetic point of view, both the HT-A7000 soundbar and the optional speakers are characterized by the nuovo design “Omnidirectional Block”. The elegant beveled profiles draw a single block that diffuses the sound in any direction and, combined with the textures of the materials, harmoniously fit into any living room.

Sony HT-A7000: a 7.2.1 soundbar for crystal clear sound

Sony HT-A7000: Music for the whole family

The HT-A7000 soundbar supports access to all popular music services, such as Spotify, to stream albums and playlists via Chromecast, Spotify Connect o Apple AirPlay 2. Two integrated connection options to listen to songs from smartphones and devices: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Voice commands

The soundbar is compatible with devices with built-in Chromecast that support the Google Assistant with devices that support Amazon Alexa. Simply add the HT-A7000 to the speaker group using l’app Google Home to start music playback, adjust the volume or manage many other functions via voice command.

Immediate connection

The HT-A7000 soundbar is basically ready to work: just plug it into the socket, connect it to the TV via HDMI eARC cable, turn it on and you’re done. With a USB socket, optical and analog audio inputs, an HDMI (eARC) input / output and an S-CENTER OUT terminal for compatible BRAVIA models, there’s nothing missing to enjoy the breathtaking surround sound experience.

Sony HT-A7000: a 7.2.1 soundbar for crystal clear sound

Sony HT-A7000: availability

The HT-A7000 soundbar, SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers, optional SA-SW5 subwoofer and optional SW-SW3 subwoofer will be available starting from September 2021. All the details are available on the official website. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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