Battlefield 2042: Xbox Series X / S are the official consoles of the title

EA and DICE have revealed the marketing agreement according to which Xbox Series X / S will be the official consoles of Battlefield 2042, the new chapter of the brand

As often happens for all the most anticipated and important titles, partnerships between hardware and software producers are certainly not rare, aimed at combining the game being released with one of the gaming machines currently on the market. And also Battlefield 2042 it certainly does not escape this rule, as the very recent one demonstrates EA and DICE agreement with Microsoft, which resulted Xbox Series X / S to be the official partner consoles of the new chapter of the celebrated shooter saga.

Battlefield 2042 has Xbox Series X / S as official consoles

The deal, in addition to hardware gaming machines, was also signed with other manufacturers, the list of which includes Nvidia, Polaris, Logitech e WD_Black, all in the name of a marketing campaign that promises to be really full-bodied. Obviously the title is in also released for PlayStation, at the end of October as for the other platforms, but the formalization of the partnership leads to think that the Microsoft hardware could benefit from some exclusive elements, such as temporal DLC, a better visual rendering or a higher frame rate.

Battlefield 2042: Xbox Series X / S are the official consoles of the title

Furthermore, although the title developed by DICE it will not be launched from day one within Xbox Game Pass, it is not to be excluded that it will come added to EA Play shortly after launch (the subscription service in question is already included in the offer of that Microsoft, in version Ultimate).

The US publisher is planning a EA Play Live, streaming event to be held on July 22nd, and during which new information about the game will be revealed (will there be room for the rumored return of Dead Space?). Waiting to learn more, therefore, we invite you to stay here on, as well as keep an eye on the pages of Instant Gaming, where you can find many games at a discounted price.

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